Moore Mountain Area Trails

moore park view
The trail network in and around Moore Park is well-loved and heavily used by hikers, cyclists, runners, and others. Users have put countless hours into developing and improving excellent trails that offers varied terrain and vegetation, stunning views of Upper Klamath Lake and the Klamath Basin, and a range of difficulty levels.

boardwalkKlamath Trails Alliance has worked with the City of Klamath Falls to develop and implement a Moore Park master plan. This plan will help provide a blueprint for the improvement of trails within the park. In 2019 we have completed several projects in the park: 1) We improved the trails signs along the ridge next to the river on the east side of the park. 2) We added a new bridge across a seasonal marshy area on Hayride Tr. 3) We rerouted Klamath Ridgeview Tr to bypass a couple of marshy areas. 4) We rerouted the top of Ratcamp trail so it terminates in a major intersection. 5) We constructed a small reroute of the Klamath Ridgeview Tr at the Lynnewood connector to lessen the slope of the trail at this intersection.

Link to Moore Park Map