The trails are mostly open for the season.

Most of the trails in the Klamath Falls area are open for business. Moore Park is open but for a few areas that are always muddy this time of year. Spence Mountain is also almost entirely open. The only snowy areas are on the north side of the mountain near the top (mainly between jct 2 and jct 3). Those areas should be improving quickly now with the warmer weather. The work at Spence is continuing. We should have an update on the trail work there tomorrow.

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Queen of the Lake Update

Dirt Mechanics is hard at work building Queen of the Lake this week. This trail starts in dense forest and has very nice views once you are out to the lake. I’m looking for ward to riding and walking on this trail. Could be done by the end of the month? A lot of rocks to move in the meantime.

end of trail

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Sawmill Flagging

We recently went to Moore Park to start flagging a possible reroute of the Sawmill Trail allowing better access to the Link River Trail from the trails in the park. The route will have a more gentle slope and should be better for riding and walking. This is all pending approval by the city and by PP&L. The old trail is steep, not particularly user friendly, and crosses a wide swath of PP&L land. The new trail is almost entirely on city property.


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Trail building at Spence has begun!

We have finally reached the start of Spring trail building at Spence Mountain. The first order of business is to start building Queen of the Lake. That will start at the trailhead at HWY 140 and will proceed along the lake to eventually connect to Winema. Here is an action shot of Kiwi on the excavator.

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Ken Hay Memorial Bench

Former City Parks Superintendent Ken Hay helped many organizations in the basin including the very young KTA. During his tenure, we built many of the lower trails in Moore Park we enjoy today. Hayride Trail is named after Ken. His dedicated bench sits next to his trail.

Moving the bench.
Placement of the bench

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A new Bridge has been built!

Even though the snow hasn’t melted, dedicated members built a new bridge crossing the swampy area on the east side of Hayride Tr. There was a small bridge there already, but that one was getting old and didn’t cross the whole problem area. Much of the materials were local and used the juniper logs left in the area from the brush clearing/fire suppression efforts a few years ago. Good Work!

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Winter Trail Planning

The Spence team recently met with the lead designer for Spence Mt (Paul Thomasberg) with the intent of deciding what trail building would be accomplished this year and also to rework the Spence master plan. It was decided that the three trails that would be built in 2019 are Queen of the Lake, Winema, and North Star. So, no changes to previous plans in that department. These trails will up the total mileage at Spence Mountain to about 35 mi and will open lots of new routes and loops for riding, running and hiking.
The Spence master plan was also in need of some changes to account for usability issues and changes in trail building wishes (more true single track and less road to trail conversions). These changes will likely include new trails along the west face of Spence Mountain to allow for a good climbing route to the top from the Shoalwater Bay TH. There are also possible plans for more aggressive trails (like Hooligan Tr) extending directly into the Shoalwater Bay TH from higher on the mountain. A few other changes were also discussed that will take a few more years to see realized.

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The Kiosk at Eulalona TH is Complete

With the hard work of KTA volunteers and the City of Klamath Falls, the new kiosk at the Eulalona Trailhead has been completed. It is the same as the kiosk that was put up at the Spence TH along hwy 140. We are now going to the process of getting the display space populated with maps and other information.

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The Eulalona Kiosk is taking shape.

With the help of the City of Klamath Falls and KTA volunteers, the Eulalona Trailhead kiosk is taking shape. There will be a few more work days involved to complete the construction, but things are going well so far. The finished kiosk will appear almost identical to the kiosk presently at the Spence Trailhead off of Hwy 140. Another similar kiosk will be built at the Shoalwater Bay Trailhead as time and weather permits.

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Come on out the dirt is fine.

With the recent rains, the dirt around Klamath (Spence Mt. and Moore Park) is in really good condition for riding. The dust is mostly gone and it is nice and grippy. It is a little cooler now than in the summer so you may have to wear a few more layers, but the fall provides some of the best riding of the year.

With the fire season done, I also hear that the Kiosk for the Eulalona Trailhead (The TH above downtown, above Riverside School) is going up this week. The new kiosk will be the same as the one at the Spence TH along Hwy 140, built to survive the apocalypse. Eventually we will also get a similar kiosk out at the new Shoalwater Bay TH.

Ride On.

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