The trails are drying out!

The trails in Moore Park and at Spence Mountain are quickly drying out and becoming rideable. Most of the muddy spots in Moore Park are merely moist now and not muddy and available for riding, walking, and running. Spence mountain is also improving. The lower half of South Ridge Tr is almost completely snow free and rideable. The upper half of South Ridge Tr has snow patches, but nothing terribly large or deep. I rode up to Jct 2 on South Ridge on the weekend without too much trouble. I didn’t ride the upper half of Hooligan Tr as it likely still has snow on it (north and west face of the mountain), but the lower half is good to go.

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KTA Trail Workgroup 3/30/18 – Hayride

We had the first official KTA work group of the year today. We rerouted a short portion of Hayride trail in Moore Park to bypass a steep/eroded section. The new trail has a more moderate grade with better drainage. We had 4 volunteers present for the work (hopefully more will shop up for future events) and worked for about 4.5 hours. The dirt was awesome for working – moist but not muddy. There are more work groups planned, hopefully on a weekly basis so we can get things done before fire season starts. Future work groups will be posted on the KTA Meetup Page. Join up and come out for the next work group if you can.
The workers slaving away on the new hayride bypass
A section of new trail - still needs some buffing

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Trail work 3/30/18 – East side of Hayride @ 9AM

We are doing work on the east end of Hayride Tr in Moore Park. We plan on a couple of reroutes to decrease the grade of a couple areas of the trail. Work is planned for 9 AM on Friday 3/30. Park at the northern Eulalona trailhead just above the frisbee golf course in the park. Bring yourself, water, snacks, and clothes appropriate for digging in the dirt. We will supply the tools.

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The New KTA News Tidbits Page

This page will be for news items or other useful information about upcoming events, trail conditions, work groups and whatever else I can think of. Currently the trail riding is kind of bleak as the trails are almost all muddy, but the advent of warmer and dryer weather should help improve that situation. I am looking forward to riding the trails in the park and especially the 10 miles of new trail that are currently being created at Spence Mountain. Stay tuned for details as they come up.

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