Trail Work Log


113.3 total hours in 2018

Please log your project and any hours worked on this page. Work hours and accurate counts of supporters are extremely valuable to the association.

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Tools of the art

Check out these past few work parties. To get involved in the next one, watch the calendar or talk to us if you’re looking for some dirt to move.

DateLeadHoursParty Attendees
04/21/2018 Mark Goodman 3 Mark Goodman
Cutting new trail.
04/18/2018 Ed Beverly 5 Ed
Wheel stops.
04/16/2018 Michael Schaaf 8 Michael Schaaf, Wes(Nile) Rogers
Log-out down trees on Northridge
04/16/2018 Aaron .3 Yeti, Chupacabra, Sasquatch
Cleared down tree and brush
04/13/2018 Aaron 2 Me and my saw
Cleared a down on Ratcamp and picked up trash at Eulolona TH.
04/13/2018 Drew Honzel 4 Drew Honzel, Michael Schaaf
Rebuilt closing mechanism on Mazama gate.
04/12/2018 Kevin Jones 42 Kevin Jones
Build KTA trailer.
04/10/2018 Ed Beverly 3 Ed Beverly
Wheel stops
04/08/2018 Mark Goodman 3 Mark Goodman
Started digging the connector trail to replace the trail to the soccer fields.
04/05/2018 Kevin Jones 4 Kevin Jones
Made features on the jump section of Northridge Trail.
04/05/2018 Kevin Jones 3 Kevin Jones
Started berm work on the turn in the new reroute.
04/04/2018 Drew Honzel 4 Drew Honzel, Michael Schaaf
Installed new Mazama trail sign and decommissioned jumps on lower Hooligan.
03/30/2018 Michael Schaaf 4 Michael Schaaf, Drew Honzel
Removing downfall on lower Mazama
03/30/2018 Kevin Jones 19 Kevin Jones, Mark Goodman, Michael Schaff, Ric Drucker
Rough cut reroute to make Hayride a green circle rating.
03/22/2018 Michael Schaaf 6 Michael Schaaf, Gary Swanson
Removed old wood fencing materials from Shoalwater Trailhead
03/21/2018 Kevin Jones 3 Kevin Jones, Mark Goodman
Flagged new reroutes on Hayride and Connector.

So far we have worked:
32 hours in Mar 2018
81.3 hours in Apr 2018
    113.3 total hours in 2018