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KTA Trail Work Summary 2019

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Spence Mountain Trail plans for Spring 2020

Next year, with the help of Dirt Mechanics, we will add another 5-6 miles of trails to Spence Mountain. Build season should begin in March if the snow melts and later if not. Hopefully everything will be open by around Memorial Day.

1) Spence Peak Tr (Blue Square): This trail will be a continuation of the short trail to the top of the mountain that branches off of South Ridge Tr at Jct 2. This trail now ends about 1/4 mile beyond the top of the mountain at a road (Spence Peak Rd). Dead-ending as it does it doesn’t get much use beyond the top of the mountain. The new trail will continue down the mountain to Jct 3 and will serve as a climbing route from the west (descending also). The trail will continue down to Jct 5 and again serve as a better climbing route (replacing the blue portion of North Ridge Tr). The trail will continue down the west side of the mountain eventually terminating at Mazama Tr near the crossing with Eagle Ridge Rd.

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The KTA works with a wide range of public and private groups and landowners to acquire trail right-of-way, build and maintain trails, and promote enjoyment of these natural resources!

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