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Spence Mountain Update 12/11/20

After the summer fire along South Ridge and Queen of the Lake, we invited Dirt Mechanics back for some fall repair and maintenance. Dirt Mechanics repaired the damage to South Ridge and even made a ride around at the “rock wall” about 2 miles into the trail for those that are wary of trying to climb that section. They also did rebuilding and improvement of lower Hooligan. 5 years of wear and tear on the trail will leave a mark. We have also finalized the plans for next year’s Spring build. The biggest addition will be a flow trail that roughly parallels South Ridge. It starts off of South Ridge along the ridge about 3 miles in. the first 0.5 miles of the trail will be a black flow trail with a little bit harder features and the lower approx. 2 miles will be blue. “Flow trail” means a trail that is a little wider that a traditional single track, lots of turns/berms, small jumps, and is built so you don’t have to use your brakes much. It will be one-way downhill, using South Ridge as the climbing route. there will likely be a couple of connectors between the two trails to allow for smaller loops. With this trail addition, the area around Junction 1 and the trail head will be re-configured to separate the downhill from the uphill traffic. This will require a couple short reroutes of Hooligan and South Ridge to make it all work together. The second trail to be constructed will be approx. 1 mile long green walking loop out of the main trailhead. This trail will be isolated from the rest of the system to minimize user conflicts. It should provide nice views and a quiet place to spend a few minutes.

Trail planning map for 2021

We are actively fundraising for the 2021 Spence build as Covid has thinned the number of grants available for this kind of work. Please join KTA to help improve our local trails.

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2020 Maintenance Hours

2020 maintenance

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