Geo Trail

Geo Sign The project is a collaboration between KTA, Oregon Tech, and Sky Lakes Medical Center with $83,000 of funding from a Recreational Trails Program Grant and in-kind donations by Diversified Construction and the Rhine-Cross Group. Sky Lakes is providing construction management and has donated matching funds to the project. KTA is providing volunteers for construction and semi-annual maintenance.

The Geo Trail is a nearly 2-mile long hiking and snowshoeing trail that was sustainably constructed in 2016 as a community initiative. Linking Quail Park at Crystal Terrace, Sky Lakes Medical Center and Oregon Institute of Technology, it provides scenic vistas of the Klamath Basin below, and offers an opportunity for relaxation and physical activity to all who enjoy it.

Geo Trail head

Geo-what? Geothermal! In Klamath Falls, we are fortunate to have renewable energy resources! Can you see the big building behind you? That is a geothermal plant! Geothermal energy is energy made by hot water under the ground that is pumped up and used to heat Oregon Tech and Sky Lakes Medical Center.

Look ahead! Can you see the solar panels? This solar array captures the energy from the sun to make electricity and heat.

Did you know?
 The Oregon Tech campus is the only campus that is geothermally heated in America!
 The solar panels that you see equal the same amount of energy as 225,000 gallons of gasoline!
 Sky Lakes Medical Center heats most of its campus with geothermal energy too!
 Sky Lakes and Oregon Tech combined use of geothermal energy is the equivalent of removing 756 cars from the road for year!

Geo Trail Rules:
1. The Geo Trail is designed for pedestrians only. Please walk your bike!
2. Keep dogs on a leash and pick up after your pets.
3. Please stay on marked trails.
4. No motor vehicles, hunting, or shooting allowed.
5. Smoking and alcoholic beverages are prohibited.
6. No camping, fire, or fireworks.
7. Please pack out your trash or use the provided receptacles.