Moore Mountain Area Trails

The trail network in and around Moore Park is well-loved and heavily used by hikers, cyclists, runners, and others. Users have put countless hours into developing and improving excellent trails that offers varied terrain and vegetation, stunning views of Upper Klamath Lake and the Klamath Basin, and a range of difficulty levels.

Unfortunately, when many of these trails were developed, they did not go through any formal planning processes. Some trespass onto private land. Others impinge on culturally or ecologically sensitive areas. A few are unsafe or not built sustainably. Many don’t have good signage to help inform users about appropriate use or other concerns. The Klamath Trails Alliance is working with trail users and with City Park staff to help identify which trails can be improved, surveyed, and officially opened to the public.

Several new trail alignments have been proposed by supporters of the Klamath Trails Alliance. Stay tuned for more information as we work towards officially authorization to build new trails in Moore Park!

In the mean time, see the new KTA Brochure and map linked on the maps page!

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