South Ridge is back open.

South Ridge trail has been reopened with temporary fixes to the trail at multiple points in the region of the fire. Permanent fixes will occur later when there is more moisture in the soil. Queen of the Lake is still closed for repair and to assess the risk of falling rocks and tree related to the fire. Hooligan is also open again as it had minimal damage.

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Spence Mountain Fire Update 7/20/20

After a survey of the trail damage today there are several areas of fairly extensive damage on South Ridge Tr that will need to be addressed in the following weeks. We will likely need to wait until mop-up activities are completed before we can really start rehabbing the trail as the trail is intimately associated with the fire line and equipment is still moving along those lines. Some of the damage is too much for a hand crew to fix (i.e. very large rocks on the trail) and will have to be addressed by the heavy equipment available to the fire fighters. The issues with Queen of the Lake is mainly with rockfalls and falling timber. It is unclear how long it will take before QOTL is safe for public use. We will post updates as information becomes available.

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Spence Mountain Fire update 7/18/20

A fire was reported a couple days ago near the Spence Mountain Trailhead along Hwy 140. The fire is currently mostly contained and the ODF is optimistic that it will stay that way. The fire is currently about 80 acres, mostly on the steep terrain above Queen of the Lake Tr. They are using the 140 trailhead as a staging area for the work so that trailhead is closed. South Ridge Tr, Hooligan Tr and IMBA Tr will be closed at least until July 27th. Queen of the Lake will be closed for at least a month as there are safety issues along that steep section of hillside along the lake after the fire. We are working with ODF to fix any trail damage and to get things opened up as soon as we can. Shoalwater Bay TH is currently open.

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Spence Peak and Peak Tie are now Open!

Spence Peak and Peak Tie trails are now open for business. These two trails add about 6.5 miles of new trail to the northwest side of Spence Mountain. Spence Peak (Blue) starts off of Mazama Tr just past the road crossing with Eagle Ridge Rd. It continues for about 5.5 miles to the top of the mountain, by way of Jct 5 and Jct 3. This trail was designed to be a climbing route although it goes down well also. It is more gentle and less technical compared to South Ridge Tr. Peak Tie (Green) starts at the bottom of the blue portion of Mazama near the Doak Mt summit of Hwy 140. It is a gradual climb up to Spence Peak Tr about halfway up the mountain. These trails will open up many new loops out of The 140 trailhead and Shoalwater trailhead. Thank you Dirt Mechanics.

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Spence Peak Tr from Mazama to J5 is now open.

The lower 3.7 miles of Spence Peak Tr is now open. It is a two way trail, but made to be a nice climb. Work continues on the portions above this level that will eventually connect to the top of the mountain. Peak Tie Tr work is also continuing.

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Spence Trailwork Update

Trail work is one of the few occupations where social isolation is the norm. Work is going on on Spence Peak Tr now, but can’t go too high on the mountain yet because of snow. They have more done than I thought they could get in the short period of time they have been there. The trails are still muddy for the most part although Queen of the Lake is in pretty good condition except for a couple areas in the first 1/4 mi.


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New Kiosk Maps up in Moore Park

New up-to-date maps have been added to the kiosks at Moore Park. A large map has been placed in the new kiosk at Eulalona Trailhead. Smaller maps have been placed at the kiosks at the north end of Eulalona Tr, the gingerbread house kiosk, and at BuckRidge at the northern end of Klamath Ridgeview Tr. The old maps were getting pretty rough and faded. The new ones should hold up better over time.

kiosk map

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New Trails Open at Spence Mountain

Just a short note to announce that the new trails: Queen of the Lake, Lower Winema, and North Star are all open for business. GO ride them and have fun. Watch out riding Queen of the Lake as the rocks are tough and the trail is narrow and steep in places.

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Spence Trail Building Progress 5/23/19

The trail building year is about to finish for 2019. Hopefully by sometime in the first week of June the new trails should be completed and opened. Currently:

1) Queen of the Lake: There is a gap of about 1/4 mile still to go. Work is concentrating on this trail. It’s a slow process.
2) Winema: Essentially completed. About 1.80 miles of green and blue trail.
3) North Star: Almost completed with about 1/4 mile of grooming to finish. Total Length 3.35 mi, green.

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Brown Mountain Trail Has Been Logged

Logging operations on Brown Mountain Trail have been completed for the season and the trail is open, but for the snow that is present on the higher parts of the trail. That snow amounts to patches in the 1-2 ft deep range mostly above 5000 ft. Hopefully that should melt in the next few weeks.

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