Come on out the dirt is fine.

With the recent rains, the dirt around Klamath (Spence Mt. and Moore Park) is in really good condition for riding. The dust is mostly gone and it is nice and grippy. It is a little cooler now than in the summer so you may have to wear a few more layers, but the fall provides some of the best riding of the year.

With the fire season done, I also hear that the Kiosk for the Eulalona Trailhead (The TH above downtown, above Riverside School) is going up this week. The new kiosk will be the same as the one at the Spence TH along Hwy 140, built to survive the apocalypse. Eventually we will also get a similar kiosk out at the new Shoalwater Bay TH.

Ride On.

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New Signs at Spence.

With 11 miles of new trails completed this year we needed to get signs up to help with navigation. We have put up lots of sign posts and have added enough temporary signs to help you find your way around the new trails. Permanent signs will be going up later. With the warm weather, the riding is great at Spence right now. Come on out.

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Spence Trail Building is Complete for 2018.

Spence Mountain now has about 11 miles of new trail in the central portion of the tract – most easily accessible from Shoalwater Bay TH. The official opening is on Jun 2 with a 30k/50k run scheduled. The trails are rideable at present but the signage is lacking – will be working on that soon though as some of the posts are already up. Updated maps are available on the maps page.

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Spence trailbuilding update 5/18/18

The new trails at Spence Mountain are coming along nicely and are getting close to finished. The lower part of Captain Jack is pretty much completed. Modoc is about 95% complete as of yesterday. Winema is completed. The upper part of Captain Jack is being constructed as we speak. These are anticipated to be open by the end of the month. We have also started putting up signposts for these trails with temporary signs likely coming soon. There will be close to 11 miles of new trails that will add a lot of options and variety to Spence Mountain.

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Spence Mountain Work and Ride 5/12/18

There is a work group scheduled at Spence Mountain for 5/12/18 at 8:15 AM at the Shoalwater Bay TH. The plan is to rake and clear roots from the currently being built Modoc Trail. After the work is completed you can ride the newly opened Old Eagle and Shoalwater Trails – a loop of about 4.5 miles. Come out and help build and ride a new trail (and join our Meetup group linked below).

Spence Work Group on Meetup

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Spence trail building update – 5/2/18

Went up to Spence Mountain yesterday for a ride around the new trails. As of today, Old eagle – the trail going north and east from the Shoalwater Bay TH is open. It is about 1.6 miles long and terminates where it crosses Eagle Ridge Rd and connects to the eastern half of Shoalwater Tr. The eastern half of Shoalwater Tr is still being groomed but should be open next week some time. The western half of Shoalwater Tr is now open (about 1.4 mi in length). This trail starts across Eagle Ride Rd from the Shoalwater Bay TH (next to the exit of North Ridge Tr).

The lower 2/3 of Captain Jack Tr is machine built and still needs a lot of hand grooming. Machine work on Modoc and a short portion of Winema is continuing (hopefully done soon).

So, there are about 3 miles of new green trail open for use with the other trails coming along nicely.

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Current State of Spence Trail Building

I rode the new trails at Spence today to see what had been done. At present Old Eagle should be completed by the end of today (not sure if it will be open yet). The eastern half of Shoalwater is rough cut, but not finished. The western portion of Shoalwater is pretty much complete, but not currently open. Rode up to Captain Jack and found them actively digging. By report, at least half of the lower section has been rough cut – expected to be completely cut in the next week. They are also actively cutting trail on Modoc, but I think that is less complete than Captain Jack. I updated the maps on this website to reflect the work that has been done. hopefully the Shoalwater/Old Eagle loop will be open soon.

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Work Party on Scratch 4/21/18 – Hosted by Linkville Lopers

There will be a work crew on Scratch Trail on 4/21 to make it less “scratchy” (i.e. brush clearing). Bring water, food, and loppers or hand saw if you have one. We have some tools for those that need them. Wear clothes to trim brush and work gloves. This group will meet at the KTA tool shed at 9AM.

Work Party Listing on KTA Meetup Page

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The trails are drying out!

The trails in Moore Park and at Spence Mountain are quickly drying out and becoming rideable. Most of the muddy spots in Moore Park are merely moist now and not muddy and available for riding, walking, and running. Spence mountain is also improving. The lower half of South Ridge Tr is almost completely snow free and rideable. The upper half of South Ridge Tr has snow patches, but nothing terribly large or deep. I rode up to Jct 2 on South Ridge on the weekend without too much trouble. I didn’t ride the upper half of Hooligan Tr as it likely still has snow on it (north and west face of the mountain), but the lower half is good to go.

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KTA Trail Workgroup 3/30/18 – Hayride

We had the first official KTA work group of the year today. We rerouted a short portion of Hayride trail in Moore Park to bypass a steep/eroded section. The new trail has a more moderate grade with better drainage. We had 4 volunteers present for the work (hopefully more will shop up for future events) and worked for about 4.5 hours. The dirt was awesome for working – moist but not muddy. There are more work groups planned, hopefully on a weekly basis so we can get things done before fire season starts. Future work groups will be posted on the KTA Meetup Page. Join up and come out for the next work group if you can.
The workers slaving away on the new hayride bypass
A section of new trail - still needs some buffing

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