Spence Mountain Project

Spence scenic picThe Spence Mountain project involves a phased development of a trail system on a beautiful 7,400 acre parcel of land owned by JWTR. The property is only 15 miles from Klamath Falls offering easy access to our community. Trails will be designed for multipurpose uses to accommodate mountain bikers, hikers, trail runners and even cross-country skiing and snowshoeing in the winter. Thanks to Terra Velo and Dirt Mechanics for their hard work on this project.

Link to Spence Map

Spring 2020 Spence Mountain Trail update
Spence Peak Trail and Peak Tie Trail are now open for a total of about 6.5 miles of new trail. 1) Spence Peak Trail (Blue): This trails starts off of Mazama trail near where it crosses Eagle Ridge Rd and continues up the northwest side of the mountain, passing through Junction 5 (Capt Jack/North Ridge), Junction 3 (North Ridge/South Ridge), and climbing up to the very top of the mountain connecting into the short portion of Spence Peak Tr that already exists. This will provide a nice climbing route for loops out of Shoalwater TH. 2) Peak Tie Trail (Green): This start at the top of the green portion of Mazama and continues to connect to Spence Peak Tr about halfway to the top. This trail will provide more loop options out of either Shoalwater TH or Spence Mountain TH.

Activities at Spence Mountain slow down in the winter due to snow and rain. Spence trails hold up better than Moore Park when wet, but they will get muddy as the moisture increases. Please stay off of muddy trails as they may be damaged in the process. That damage takes time and work to fix in the Spring.