Spence Peak and Peak Tie are now Open!

Spence Peak and Peak Tie trails are now open for business. These two trails add about 6.5 miles of new trail to the northwest side of Spence Mountain. Spence Peak (Blue) starts off of Mazama Tr just past the road crossing with Eagle Ridge Rd. It continues for about 5.5 miles to the top of the mountain, by way of Jct 5 and Jct 3. This trail was designed to be a climbing route although it goes down well also. It is more gentle and less technical compared to South Ridge Tr. Peak Tie (Green) starts at the bottom of the blue portion of Mazama near the Doak Mt summit of Hwy 140. It is a gradual climb up to Spence Peak Tr about halfway up the mountain. These trails will open up many new loops out of The 140 trailhead and Shoalwater trailhead. Thank you Dirt Mechanics.

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