Spence Trail Building Progress 5/23/19

The trail building year is about to finish for 2019. Hopefully by sometime in the first week of June the new trails should be completed and opened. Currently:

1) Queen of the Lake: There is a gap of about 1/4 mile still to go. Work is concentrating on this trail. It’s a slow process.
2) Winema: Essentially completed. About 1.80 miles of green and blue trail.
3) North Star: Almost completed with about 1/4 mile of grooming to finish. Total Length 3.35 mi, green.

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2 Responses to Spence Trail Building Progress 5/23/19

  1. bruce b prator says:

    planning on camping a few days and riding all of spence mt.How are the mosquitos in first couple weeks of june there? How are they later in june and july?
    derrick said trails are great right now.

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