Spence trail building update – 5/2/18

Went up to Spence Mountain yesterday for a ride around the new trails. As of today, Old eagle – the trail going north and east from the Shoalwater Bay TH is open. It is about 1.6 miles long and terminates where it crosses Eagle Ridge Rd and connects to the eastern half of Shoalwater Tr. The eastern half of Shoalwater Tr is still being groomed but should be open next week some time. The western half of Shoalwater Tr is now open (about 1.4 mi in length). This trail starts across Eagle Ride Rd from the Shoalwater Bay TH (next to the exit of North Ridge Tr).

The lower 2/3 of Captain Jack Tr is machine built and still needs a lot of hand grooming. Machine work on Modoc and a short portion of Winema is continuing (hopefully done soon).

So, there are about 3 miles of new green trail open for use with the other trails coming along nicely.

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