Trail Building Update 5/3/19

The Spence trails are coming along nicely with a lot of work going on this week.

1) The blue portion of Winema (about 1.3 mi) is almost complete an just requires some grooming to get it into shape. I rode this trail and it is going to be a fun one. There is a nice alternate line on the lower part of this trail that has some tough rocks. There will also likely be a climbing road for this trail to allow it to be mostly downhill and providing loops for sessioning these sections of trail.
2) About 1.35 miles of North Star had been cut as of yesterday. This is a green trail looks pretty flat on paper but has enough hill to provide some fun/swoopy stretches.
3) About 1.2 miles of Queen of the lake is complete. this trail is almost completely hand-built because of the steep terrain and abundant rocks (often very large). The work is slow but most of the bodies are working here to get this trail complete. This trail is quite pretty, lined with trees and large rocks (nice views also). The rocks and short steep pitches make this trail fairly tough.

Moore Park:
1) In the interest of decreasing the number of intersections and improving the trail flow in the spaghetti bowl that is Moore Park there is a new reroute of Autobahn Tr so that it doesn’t intersect with Powerline anymore. It now connects to an unnamed connector and will go to the Stonehenge/Sawmill intersection.
2) The top of Ratcamp is being rerouted to intersect with the Sonehenge/Eulalona junction directly instead of 50 yards away.
3) A new reroute of Klamath Ridgeview Tr is planned for later this month to bypass the swampy areas present near 5-gallon and Big Sky trails.
4) New trail signs are going up on the trails along the river to improve navigation.

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