Trail Work Log old trailforks version

Please enter your trail work activity below. The Most important information is the number of people in attendance and the total hours worked. Even though that is titled “optional”; we would really like to know.

We will assume that your total hours entered here are the total for all individuals. for instance, two people working two hours would be a total of four Hours. If you prefer to enter that differently, please note your method in the notes.

If you prefer, you can email your trail maintenance activities to and we will log it for you.

This page allows you to use cloud based tools provided by to keep track of trail maintenance needs and work that has been completed.

There are some real benefits to using this trailforks toolset. Trailforks is:
• Easy for anyone to enter a trail report
• Cost free to KTA and all users of the system
• Easy to use
• Nice for displaying trail status and reports on the KTA website. (updates here are instantly represented in the trail listing pages on this site)
• Connected to two mobile Apps for your smartphone. (Trail reports and Photo uploads)