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601.05 total hours in 2018

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DateLeadHoursParty Attendees
08/10/2018 John Bellon 16 John Bellon, David Scott, Jennifer Little, Michael Schaaf
Patching Pavement cracks, Weed wacking, Trash Pickup on A Canal Trail
08/06/2018 Michael Schaaf 3 Michael Schaaf,
Brushing and lopping on Buzzard Trail et al.
07/28/2018 Jerry Enman 9.5 Jerry Enman
Maintained drainage and some brushing on PCT from Badger Lake Trail Junction to one mile South of Christy’s Spring, Maintained drainage on Badger Lake Trail from PCT South about halfway to Long Lake.
07/25/2018 Grant W. 12 Dennis T, Ric D, Grant W
Pulled barbed wire and 7 posts off Ridgeview between Lynnewood connector and green gate.
07/24/2018 Michael Schaf 18 Jerry Enman, Michael Schaaf
Log-out and brushing in Sky Lakes Wilderness.
07/23/2018 Karen Poole 5 Karen Poole, John Poole
Ride trail, pick up sticks and debris, move one downed tree, dig invasive thistles
07/21/2018 Jennifer Little 1 Jennifer Little
Weed whacking (with electric one)
07/20/2018 Grant W 18 Drew H, Ric D, Michael S, Grant W
Brushed RV between ‘green gate’ and landing at Buck Ridge.
07/14/2018 Drew Honzel 28 Ric Drucker, Grant Weidenbach, Michael Schaaf, Phil McGovern, Susan Holzgang, Justin Rodriquez, Glenn Gailis, Drew Honzel
Weed trimmed and raked the Geo Trail. Completed the entire trail!
07/09/2018 John Poole 8 John Poole
Brush huckleberries, grass, etc. east of the Pacific Crest Trail
07/07/2018 Karen Poole 4 Karen Poole, John Poole
Clean-up Great Meadow trailhead. String-trim High Lakes Trail through meadow and around interpretive sign and restrooms. Sweep concrete pad of interpretive sign. Pick up litter.
07/05/2018 Jerry Enman 12.75 Jerry Enman
In Blanket Creek Burn area, removed all tree portions that were light enough for one person. Worked from South end of burn to ridgeline just North of Goose Egg mountain.
06/30/2018 Michael Schaaf 1.5 Michael Schaaf
Bridge Maintenance (until the Battery died)
06/29/2018 Michael Schaaf 2 Michael Schaaf
Bridge Maintenance on KVT
06/27/2018 Aaron W 2.75 Aaron
Trimmed grass on Southie, T-Bar, Blueberry, Sunrise.
06/23/2018 Grant Weidenbach 11 Harry Hansen, Ric Drucker, GW
Finished the brushing job of Ridgeview trail between Lynnewood and Blueberry.
06/22/2018 Ric Drucker 3 Ric Drucker
Cut weeds along trail in Moore Park.
06/22/2018 Ric Drucker 3 Ric Drucker
Cut weeds along trail in Moore Park.
06/21/2018 Ric Drucker 3 Ric Drucket
Cut weeds along trail in Moore Park.
06/20/2018 Ric Drucker 3 Ric Drucker
Cut weeds along trail in Moore Park.
06/19/2018 Drew Honzel 12 Grant Weidenbach, Mark Goodman, Drew Honzel
Install sign posts on Captain Jack
06/18/2018 Jerry Enman 22 Jerry Enman, Marie Enman
Maintain drainage, brush small encroaching trees for about two miles North from Sky Lakes Trail Junction.
06/17/2018 Mark Goodman 3.5 Mark Goodman
Finished last section of Sawmill trail from kiosk to existing trail.
06/13/2018 Ric Drucker 3 Ric Drucker
Cut weeds along Moore Park trails.
06/12/2018 Ric Drucker 3 Ric Drucker
Cut weeds along Moore Park trails.
06/11/2018 Mark Goodman 3.5 Mark Goodman
Completed about 50 ft of trail previously started and added another 50 ft of trail.
06/07/2018 Karen Poole 6 Karen Poole, John Poole
Rake High Lakes Trail from PCT junction to Road 900 (FINISH raking High Lakes Trail)
06/05/2018 Karen Poole 9 Karen Poole, John Poole
Rake High Lakes Trail west to PCT junction
06/02/2018 Jerry Enman 4.5 Jerry Enman
Maintained drainage, some brushing from trailhead to Woodpecker Lake.
06/01/2018 Grant Weidenbach 9 GW
Cut out a log on west end of Fish lake trail. Machine brushed ~0.5 mi of huckleberry about 0.5 mi. west of PCT crossing.
05/31/2018 Drew Honzel 8 Michael Schaaf, Drew Honzel
Installed trail sign posts.
05/28/2018 Karen Poole 8 Karen Poole, John Poole
Rake High Lakes Trail from Westside cabin road to 1.2 miles west of Brown Mountain Trailhead. Remove one downed tree.
05/28/2018 Jerry Enman 10 Jerry Enman
Maintained drainage, removed small blowdown, some brushing from trailhead to McLoughlin Trail.
05/27/2018 Karen Poole 1 Karen Poole
Recon Billie Creek Trail. Move only log down and clear sticks and debris.
05/26/2018 Mark Goodman 3 Mark Goodman
Cut about 75 ft of new trail
05/26/2018 Jerry Enman 10.5 Jerry Enman
Maintained drainage, removed small blowdown, some brushing on Cold Springs Trail, Isherwood Trail, Sky Lakes Trail (to Trapper Lake), South Rock Creek Trail.
05/24/2018 Michael Schaaf 6 Elwyn Jacobson, Michael Schaaf
cut two logs on Brown Mtn. (Pillette Road, aka Rd 900)
05/18/2018 Grant Weidenbach 16 Vivian Waterman, GW
Cleared blowdown and hand brushed from east BMT TH to Boy Scout trail jctn. Machine brushed and raked ~0.25 mile either side of the PCT crossing.
05/17/2018 Drew Honzel 5 Mark Goodman, Drew Honzel
Installed 5 sign posts.
05/16/2018 Karen Poole 2 Karen Poole
Recon High Lakes, Sunset, and Family Loop trails for blowdown after recent wind storms, pick up limbs.
05/15/2018 Karen Poole 5 Karen Poole, John Poole
Rake High Lakes Trail between Aspen Day Use and Westside cabin road.
05/12/2018 Drew Honzel 54 Drew Honzel, Nathan Stroh, Mark Goodman, Pat Maveety, Alec Kramer, Jim Calvert, Andy Shadley, Caleb Shadley, Raul Mirande, Jennifer Little, Olaf Coffey, Harry Hansen
Groomed and cut roots on new built Modoc Trail
05/12/2018 Jerry Enman 10.25 Jerry Enman
Maintain drainage, remove small blowdown, some brushing up to 6000′ elevation.
05/10/2018 Karen Poole 10 Karen Poole, John Poole
Log out High Lakes Trail. Rake trail near Aspen day use.
05/09/2018 Grant Weidenbach 16 Michael Shaaf, GW
Cleared a few blowdowns, brushed, and cleaned up 2 short reroutes between lower Rd3705 and Rd 500.
05/09/2018 Karen Poole 4 Karen Poole
Rake High Lakes Trail between Great Meadow SnoPark and Lake of the Woods resort access road.
05/07/2018 Michael Schaaf 3 Michael Schaaf, Drew Honzel
Pick-up and cut sign posts.
05/06/2018 Karen Poole 7 Karen Poole, John Poole
Log out Family Loop, lower section of Mountain Lakes, Boy Scout Trail. Scout central section of High Lakes Trail.
05/05/2018 Drew Honzel 4.5 Drew Honzel, Mark Goodman, Grant Weidenbach
Install trail stop sign posts on new Shoalwater loop.
05/05/2018 Jennifer Little 15 Saravanan, Levi, Elodie, Kent, Maggie, Jennifer,
Lots of people go to into the hills and illegally dump. We hauled out 3 full truckloads (and there’s still TONS left unfortunately)
05/04/2018 Mark Goodman 2 Mark Goodman
Dug about 50 ft of new Trail
05/03/2018 Grant Weidenbach 4 GW
Did recon of BMT for blowdowns and winter storm damage, Rd 3705–PCT crossing.
04/30/2018 Taylor Moore 0.5 Taylor moore
Removed large loose rocks from trail
04/29/2018 Kevin Jones 4 Kevin Jones
Built 25ft of Sawmill Trail
04/27/2018 Kevin Jones 4.5 Kevin Jones
Built 40ft of new Sawmill Trail.
04/26/2018 Karen Poole 2.5 Karen Poole
Rake High Lakes Trail from Road 900 to Fish Lake.
04/26/2018 Aaron 2 Superman, Batman, Aquaman
clear trail of debris and low hanging branches
04/24/2018 Ed Beverly 4 Ed Beverly
Porta Potties
04/21/2018 Mark Goodman 3 Mark Goodman
Cutting new trail.
04/21/2018 Amber Singh morris 24 Amber singh, Jeremy Morris, Nathan Stroh, Jeremy Westover, Jon Redd, Scott Anderson.
Cut brush, removed debri, cleared trail on the scratchy lollipop loop.
04/18/2018 Ed Beverly 5 Ed
Wheel stops.
04/17/2018 Drew Honzel 2 Drew Honzel
Installed temporary closure signs on Old Eagle.
04/16/2018 Michael Schaaf 8 Michael Schaaf, Wes(Nile) Rogers
Log-out down trees on Northridge
04/16/2018 Aaron .3 Yeti, Chupacabra, Sasquatch
Cleared down tree and brush
04/13/2018 Aaron 2 Me and my saw
Cleared a down on Ratcamp and picked up trash at Eulolona TH.
04/13/2018 Drew Honzel 4 Drew Honzel, Michael Schaaf
Rebuilt closing mechanism on Mazama gate.
04/12/2018 Kevin Jones 42 Kevin Jones
Build KTA trailer.
04/10/2018 Ed Beverly 3 Ed Beverly
Wheel stops
04/08/2018 Mark Goodman 3 Mark Goodman
Started digging the connector trail to replace the trail to the soccer fields.
04/05/2018 Kevin Jones 3 Kevin Jones
Started berm work on the turn in the new reroute.
04/05/2018 Kevin Jones 4 Kevin Jones
Made features on the jump section of Northridge Trail.
04/04/2018 Drew Honzel 4 Drew Honzel, Michael Schaaf
Installed new Mazama trail sign and decommissioned jumps on lower Hooligan.
03/30/2018 Michael Schaaf 4 Michael Schaaf, Drew Honzel
Removing downfall on lower Mazama
03/30/2018 Kevin Jones 19 Kevin Jones, Mark Goodman, Michael Schaff, Ric Drucker
Rough cut reroute to make Hayride a green circle rating.
03/22/2018 Michael Schaaf 6 Michael Schaaf, Gary Swanson
Removed old wood fencing materials from Shoalwater Trailhead
03/21/2018 Kevin Jones 3 Kevin Jones, Mark Goodman
Flagged new reroutes on Hayride and Connector.

So far we have worked:
32 hours in Mar 2018
124.8 hours in Apr 2018
204.25 hours in May 2018
104.75 hours in Jun 2018
116.25 hours in Jul 2018
19 hours in Aug 2018
    601.05 total hours in 2018