Trail Work Log

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Check out these past few work parties. To get involved in the next one, watch the calendar or talk to us if you are looking for some dirt to move.

DateLeadHoursParty Attendees
05/13/2022 Grant Weidenbach5 GW
High Lakes area Recon of trailhead access and snow conditions on trails. Walked 2.5 miles of the Fish Lake trail to scout trail work.
05/09/2022 Michael Schaaf5 Elwyn J, M.S.
Shag,Shark,Captain Jack,North Ridge Check on new trail construction, minor raking on Captain Jack and North Ridge
05/06/2022 Kevin Jones4 KJ
Buzzard Brushed and leveled area around Buzzard bench. Brushed Enduro.
05/04/2022 Mark Goodman1.5 Mark Goodman
Express Lane Started express lane reroute. Cleared duff around trees at top.
05/02/2022 Michael Schaaf6 M.S.
South Ridge Log Bench on South Ridge at start of Speed King
05/01/2022 Lee Heckman2 Lee Heckman, Misty Heckman
Old Eagle, Mazama Cutting and trimming trailside brush
04/29/2022 Josh Nelson8 Josh and Jasper
S. Ridge Trail Brushing, opening drains, tread debris removal.
04/20/2022 Michael Schaaf9 Grant Weidenbach, Michael Schaaf
Mazama Gates/Fence
04/19/2022 Michael Schaaf6 M.S.
Mazama Work on Gate/Fence
04/16/2022 Kevin Jones7 Kevin Jones, Lee Heckman
Express Lane Brushed Express Lane connector.
04/16/2022 Alicia Jones16 Sarah Reed, Misty Heckman, Lee Heckman, Linda Andersen, Geoff Grisdale, Theresa Ross, Kevin Jones, Alicia Jones
Moore Park Skills Park Planted grass seed and wildflower seed in skills area. Raked off trail surface.
04/15/2022 Lee Heckman10 Lee Heckman, Misty Heckman
Southie extension Cutting out brush and shrubs to clear opening for new section of Southie
04/08/2022 Josh Nelson4 Josh Nelson
Upper S. Ridge / Spence Clearing loose rocks/debris from tread and drains. General limbing and brushing.
04/07/2022 Drew Honzel9 Mark Goodman, Michael Schaaf, Drew Honzel
Spence Cleared two downed trees on North Star.
04/07/2022 Dirty Dan1.5 Dirty Dan
Speed king Remove small rocks and fix ruts
04/05/2022 Michael Schaaf11 Drew H. , Michael S.
North Ridge, Shark Log-out on North Ridge
04/03/2022 Nick george3.25 Nick george,
South ridge Raked upper south ridge from top down past junction and started down upper hooligan
03/28/2022 David K Scott4 David Scott
Sawmill Repaired mud-season damage
03/28/2022 Josh Nelson4 Josh Nelson
S. Ridge Trail - Spence Continued Brushing, limbing, and loose rock removal from upper road towards Spence Peak. One mile of trail complete.
03/27/2022 Josh Nelson6 Josh and Jasper Nelson
S. Ridge Trail Brushing, limbing, and loose rock removal from upper road towards Spence Peak. .5 miles.
03/26/2022 Drew Honzel50 Michael Schaaf, Lillian Schiavo Gilmour, Grant Weidenbach, Andris Olins, Misty Heckman, Lee Heckman, Elwyn Jacobsen, Jonathan Randall, Brian Davenport, Drew Honzel
Spence Brushed out Mazama from Shoalwater TH to JCT 13 or 4 miles.
03/22/2022 Josh Nelson2 Josh N.
Papoose Trail - Moore Park Repaired berms and tread
03/21/2022 Josh Nelson4 Josh N.
S. Ridge - Spence Brushed and repaired tread to first road junction.
03/19/2022 Alicia & Kevin Jones33 Alicia Jones, Kevin Jones, Lee Heckman, Misty Heckman, Linda Anderson, Theresa Ross, Jonathan Rudell, Colima Smith, Jon Phelps, Jan Phelps, Alison Andrews.,
Kit Carson Bike path Cleaned up trash along both sides of bike path from Portland Street up to the area behind Sloan Street
03/16/2022 Dirty Dan5 Dirty Dan
Speed King Shoveled snow off entire trail! Morning frozen rides will be running perfect
03/12/2022 Nick George4.75 Nick,Jake,Collin, ,
Lower hooligan Built and repaired berms
03/09/2022 MichaelSchaaf7 Drew H., Michael S.
Queen of the Lake Log-out, brushing and tread repair on QoL
02/19/2022 Kevin Jones19 Kevin Jones, Fernando Nanni, Lee Heckman, Misty Heckman, Jonathan Randall, Andrew Thomas, ,
Enduro Trail Hauled wood to jobsite, Built wood skinny.
02/16/2022 Kevin Jones9 Kevin Jones, Grant Widenbach
Enduro Trail We shoveled snow on the approach up Enduro and the jobsite. Demo of the old skinny. Precut wood.
01/22/2022 Kevin Jones12 Kevin Jones, Alicia Jones, Andrew Thomas
Sunrise Installed KTA bench
So far we have worked:
12 hours in Jan 2022
268 hours in 2022
28 hours in Feb 2022
119.75 hours in Mar 2022
84.75 hours in Apr 2022
23.5 hours in May 2022