Trail Work Log

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DateLeadHoursParty Attendees
04/15/2023 Lee Heckman10 Lee Heckman, Misty Heckman
Southie extension Cutting out brush and shrubs to clear opening for new section of Southie
03/25/2023 Michael Schaaf2 MS
Moore Park Brushing on Klamath Ridgeview Trail and Hayride
01/28/2023 DJ Wagner7 DJ Wagner, Adam Brunick
Speed king Removed 6 down trees and work on that 3 way corner on the blue section, rocks were falling out so made it a berm
11/26/2022 Lee Heckman2 Lee Heckman
Spence Mtn Cut out 7 down trees on Shoalwater side
11/15/2022 Michael Schaaf9 Grant W. , Michael S
QoL Log-out and brushing on Queen of the Lake
11/06/2022 Lee Heckman2 Lee Heckman
Moore Park Berms and corners
11/05/2022 Lee Heckman4 Lee Heckman, Misty Heckman
Moore Park Corner work and berms
10/31/2022 Dwight Johnson4 DJ
High Lakes Trail Clearing service access route for rock hauling from highway 140 up to the crest of High Lake trail.
10/30/2022 Grant Weidenbach7 Grant W.
High Lakes Trail Cleared 5 logs off the HLT.
10/27/2022 Grant Weidenbach33 Theresa Ross, Dwight Johnson, Michael Schaaf, Grant W.
Rye Spur Brushed ~1 mile of trail around the rock outcrop. Cut 1 log. Worked on drainage down to the south ridge(?) trail intersection.
10/27/2022 Josh Nelson3 Josh and Jasper
Papoose Repaired tread from NICA race
10/20/2022 Grant Weidenbach8 Grant W.
Brown Mtn Recon to place gravel stockpiles on High Lakes trail. Brushing on N end of the BMT lava
10/17/2022 DJ Wagner6 DJ Wagner, Adam Brunick
Speed King Broomed all the loose pebbles off the 2 blue sections
10/12/2022 Josh Nelson3 Josh Nelson
Big Sky, Up and Over Weed Eating, Brushing, Raking - Trail prep for NICA race.
10/10/2022 Dwight Johnson6.5 Dwight Johnson
High Lakes Trail Pruning limbs extending out in trail path along Great Meadow Dam.
10/09/2022 Michael Schaaf7 Michael S.
Northridge, Spence Peak Log-out on Northridge Log benches on top of Spence Mtn.
10/07/2022 Josh Nelson4 Josh and Jasper Nelson
Big Sky, No Name Weed eating, raking debris
10/05/2022 Josh Nelson4 Josh Nelson
Lower Five Gallon Trim grass, limbing , and tread repair.
09/28/2022 Dwight Johnson5.5 Dwight Johnson
High Lakes Trail Completed cleaning out and maintaining drainages on High Lakes trail.
09/27/2022 Dwight Johnson6 Dwight Johnson
High Lakes Trail Cleaning out and maintaining trail drainages.
09/26/2022 Grant Weidenbach13 Michael S Grant W.
Rye Spur and PCT Cleared a 3' tree off Rye Spur and installed/maintained 15 drains. Cleared 4 small trees and minor brushing on the PCT between HLT and hwy 140.
09/25/2022 John Poole1 John Poole
High Lakes Trail Cut new log off High Lakes Trail near Billie Creek
09/24/2022 John Poole2.5 John Poole
High Lakes Trail Cut new log off High Lakes Trail between Fish Lake and Road 900.
09/20/2022 Grant Weidenbach3 Grant W
Moore Park Sawmill brushing.
09/15/2022 Grant Weidenbach4 GW
Moore Park Brushing on Sawmill.
09/15/2022 Michael Schaaf12 MS
McLoughlin Trail worked on Trail markings (Posts) on McLoughlin trail as part of a USFS and KCSO SAR crew
09/03/2022 Dwight Johnson2.5 Dwight Johnson
Pacific Crest Trail Chopped out a 20-inch diameter log located on the PCT about 1/2 mile north of Summit trailhead. The trail to the north is now accessible by horses.
09/01/2022 Michael Schaaf9 MS
Mountain Lakes Trail clearing on Moss Creek
08/31/2022 Dwight Johnson4.5 Dwight Johnson
High Lakes Trail Rolled several large rotten logs off trail caused by bears rummaging for earthworms. Kick numerous sticks, rocks, pine cones from trail path, and collected some litter as well.
08/23/2022 Grant Weidenbach8 Grant W
Brown Mtn Brushing/clean up on Brown Mtn trail.
08/23/2022 Mike Smith3 Mike Smith
Varney Creek Trail Clearing loose rocks/debris from tread and drains.
08/22/2022 Michael Schaaf4 MS
Mountain Lakes Brushing and sawing on South Pass
08/20/2022 Jeremy Morris/Amber Singh26 Jeremy Morris Amber Singh Brian Davenport Martha Cruse Daniel Broockmann Ron Gonzales Brenda Stormer Erin
Tank/Express/Big Sky Weed Eating, raking, and shrub trimming.
08/18/2022 Gregg Waterman3 Vivian and Gregg Waterman
Old Eagle Weedeating, raking
08/14/2022 Gregg Waterman6 Vivian and Gregg Waterman
Old Eagle at Shoalwater Weedeating, pruning and raking. Didn't quite finish - ran out of battery!
08/14/2022 Michael Schaaf3 M. S.
Mazama Cut big Aspen down on Mazama
08/09/2022 Michael Schaaf10 Drew Honzel, Michael Schaaf
High Lakes Trail, Fish Lake Trail Cut new log on High Lakes. 1 mile west of Trailhead Cut big new log on Fish Lake Trail close to TH at Rd 37
08/06/2022 John Poole2 John Poole
High Lakes Trail Cut new log on High Lakes Trail near horse trail crossing
08/04/2022 John Poole1 John Poole
High Lakes Trail Cut new log on High Lakes Trail near Billie Creek bridge
08/03/2022 Gregg Waterman3 Gregg Waterman
Mazama trail Pruned from Shoalwater Trailhead to Junction 11.
08/02/2022 Michael Schaaf3 M.Schaaf
South ridge, Northridge Cut log on upper part of Northridge, Hooligan Light brushing, rolling rocks
07/31/2022 John Poole1 John Poole
Lake of the Woods area trails Cut new log off Sunset Trail by Lake of the Woods Resort
07/27/2022 Dwight Johnson4 Dwight Johnson
High Lakes Trail Filled holes along the lava section of High Lakes trail.
07/23/2022 Kevin Jones3 KJ
Enduro, Junker, Skidder Brushwhack
07/20/2022 Grant Weidenbach5 Guillermo Sereno Grant W.
Moore Park Weed whacked east end of Ridgeview.
07/19/2022 Dwight Johnson3.5 Dwight Johnson
High Lakes Trail Completed tall grass/weeds trimming on High Lakes trail.
07/18/2022 Dwight Johnson4 Dwight Johnson
High Lakes Trail Trimmed tall grass and weeds along narrow sections of High Lakes trail.
07/16/2022 Grant Weidenbach5 Linda T Grant W
Moore Park Weed whacking in the skills park.
07/16/2022 Marc Cross4.5 MC
Scratch Weed/Brush Cut
07/15/2022 Kevin Jones2.5 KJ
Enduro weedeat
07/15/2022 Gregg Waterman1.5 Gregg Waterman
Moore Park Skills Park Weedeating
07/10/2022 Marc Cross2.5 MC
Chainslapper Weed/brush cut Chainslapper trail from scratch to Ridgewater
07/10/2022 Kevin Jones4 KJ
Lakeview Weedeat
07/09/2022 Marc Cross3.5 MC
Scratch Grass/weed cutting southeast half from green gate
07/09/2022 Drew Honzel5.5 Drew Honzel
Spence Finished brushing upper Captain Jack
07/08/2022 Drew Honzel2 Drew Honzel
Spence Pulled over 100 mullein weeds growing near the Spence Peak trail.
07/06/2022 Drew Honzel4 Drew Honzel
Captain Jack Brushed out the lower half of upper Captain Jack.
07/06/2022 Dwight Johnson8.5 DJ
High Lakes Trail Pruned low hanging limbs/branches as needed along the full length of High Lakes trail. Two down trees were also removed from trail path.
07/06/2022 Michael Schaaf28 Bill Kennedy, Gregg Waterman, Bill Wood, Michael Schaaf
Mcloughlin Logout on McLoughlin trail. Trail is clear from trailhead to above 7000’ as of 7/6/22
07/03/2022 Marc Cross3 Marc C.
Spence Mountain Cut weeds on Old Eagle and Shoalwater Trails
07/01/2022 Kevin Jones4 KJ
Enduro, Junker Cut weeds.
06/28/2022 Grant Weidenbach24 Michael Schaaf, Drew Honzel, Grant W.
Rye Spur Cleared Rye Spur top to bottom, some raking also.
06/28/2022 Dwight Johnson4 DJ
High Lakes Trail Trimmed grasses/weeds around interpretive signs, and as needed on High Lakes trail in the immediate areas of Great Meadow and Lake of the Woods.
06/27/2022 Grant Weidenbach3 Grant W
Ridgeview Brushed Ridgeview near the Scratch entrance.
06/25/2022 Grant W12 Gregg and Viv W, Grant W
Ridgeview Brushed from ‘lone cedar’ to east end of Buckridge.
06/24/2022 Grant W6 Gregg W, Grant W
Ridgeview Brushes from green gate to ‘lone cedar’ area.
06/19/2022 Kevin Jones4.5 KJ
MPSP Whacking weeds.
06/18/2022 Lee Heckman3 Lee Heckman, Misty Heckman
PCT north from Summit snow park Clearing down trees from trail
06/17/2022 Gregg Waterman2 Gregg Waterman
Moore Park Trimmed grass along Ridgeview Trail, beyond Lynnewood.
06/16/2022 Gregg Waterman1 Gregg Waterman
Powerline, Eulalona trailhead Trimmed grass along Powerline, around the sign at Eulalona trailhead.
06/15/2022 Drew Honzel7.5 Mark Goodman, Drew Honzel
Spence Signed the two new trails and cutout the downfall on Winema.
06/15/2022 Dwight Johnson7 DJ
High Lakes Trail Completed raking of all 9.3 miles of High Lakes trail today.
06/14/2022 Michael Schaaf13 Grant W. , Michael S.
Mcloughlin Flagged and logged a temporary trail from canal road to McLoughlin trail
06/14/2022 John Poole3 John Poole
High Lakes Trail Cut out several new logs fallen across trail
06/14/2022 Dwight Johnson8 DJ
High Lakes Continued raking High Lakes trail from 1/2 mile west of the PCT jct. to within 1/4 mile
06/13/2022 Jennifer Little12 Cassidy Quistorff, Devon Puffen, Ashton Greer, Grant Weidenbach, Jennifer Little, Megan Skinner, Matt, Kent Druckenmillar
Moore Park Weed whacking Ridgeview & 5 Gallon.
06/11/2022 Michael Schaaf7.5 Mike Book
McLoughlin Trail Forgot one person on todays work log
06/11/2022 Michael Schaaf52.5 Bill Wood, Mike Philbin, George Mulineix, Elwyn Jacobsen, Dave DeRoche, Drew Honzel, Michael Schaaf
McLoughlin Trail Log- out from Trailhead to second PCT Jct.
06/10/2022 Kevin Jones5 KJ
MPSP Weed whacking
06/10/2022 Dwight Johnson8.5 DJ
High Lakes Raked 1.7 miles of High Lakes trail path from Brown Mountain TH up to the first major lava rock outcropping.
06/09/2022 Dwight Johnson8 DJ
High Lakes Raked 1.5 miles of High Lakes trail path from Fish Lake to within 1/2 mile of Pacific Crest Trail jct.
06/09/2022 Gregg Waterman15 Vivian and Gregg Waterman, Grant Weidenbach
Brown Mountain Trail Cut logs, raked and pruned.
06/09/2022 Grant Weidenbach22 John Poole, Gregg and Viv W, Grant W.
High Lakes Trail and BMT Cleared a mess of leaner/hangers from HLT near Aspen Pt day use area. Cleared BMT from Rd 560--Rd 500, cut out 2 logs. Road scouted access to upper Rye Spur trail.
06/08/2022 Kevin Jones4.5 KJ
KRVT, Express Lane, 5G Weedwacking
06/07/2022 Gregg Waterman24 Vivian and Gregg Waterman, Amy Weber, Karl Johnson.
Brown Mountain Trail Raked and pruned Brown Mountain trail.
06/07/2022 Grant Weidenbach24 Drew Honzel, Michael Schaaf, Grant W.
Brown Mtn Cleared Brown Mtn trail from the BMT TH(east side) to the 560 rd crossing. Cut out ~15 logs, minor brushing, raking, and tread repair.
06/06/2022 Paul Lissette2 Paul Lissette
Spence Cut out downed log on North Ridge.
06/06/2022 Grant Weidenbach6 Gregg and Viv W, Grant W.
Moore park Brushed lower 5 gallon.
06/04/2022 Lee Heckman1 Lee Heckman, Misty Heckman
Cherry Creek Trail Clearing down trees
06/03/2022 Dwight Johnson8.5 DJ
High Lakes Disregard recorded work hours under previous work log entry for 6/3/22. The 8.5 work hours was meant for this project: Raked High Lakes trail path from Billie Creek bridge crossing to Great Meadow parking lot for a total of 2.1 miles.
06/03/2022 Dwight Johnson8.5 DJ
High Lakes Purchased 2 sacks of 60-lbs concrete at Home Depot to reset barrier posts off west-side cabin road. The work has been recorded in a previous work log entry.
06/03/2022 Karen Poole3 Karen Poole, John Poole
Lake of the Woods area trails Logged out Billie Creek Nature Trail, a half-dozen logs. Also tossed sticks and debris off trail. A few small snowbanks required walking the bikes but no mosquitoes!
06/03/2022 John Poole3 Dwight Johnson, John Poole
High Lakes Trail Reset barrier posts that were pulled out on High Lakes Trail, west side of Westside cabin road.
06/02/2022 Justin Rodriguez6 Justin Rodriguez
Geo Trail Brush out Geo Trail
06/02/2022 Grant Weidenbach6 Grant W.
Brown Mtn Cleared the Lava section of BMT from Rd 900 to Rd 3705, and cleared 2 short connectors from HLT to Rd 900. Cut out ~6 logs.
06/01/2022 Dwight Johnson6.5 DJ
High Lakes Trail Raked twigs, sticks, limbs, needles and other secondary debris from High Lakes trail path from Brown Mtn. TH to Billie Creek bridge crossing for a total of approximately 1.2 miles.
06/01/2022 Justin Rodriguez6 Justin Rodriguez
Geo Trail Brushed out Geo Trail.
06/01/2022 Grant Weidenbach15 Michael Schaaf, Grant W.
High Lakes Trail Cut ~20 logs off the High lakes trail from BMT TH west to Fish Lake.
05/31/2022 Grant Weidenbach20 Gregg and Viv Waterman, Grant W.
Brown Mtn Finished up the Rd 3705--Rd 500 piece of the BMT. Cut out 4-5 logs, brushed and raked, bit of TH cleanup.
05/30/2022 Karen Poole7 Karen Poole, John Poole
Lake of the Woods area trails and High Lakes Trail Cut out a dozen logs on High Lakes Trail near the Lake of the Woods outlet bridge/Aspen Day Use (from the weekend windstorm). Finished cutting out Mountain Lakes below the Wilderness trailhead and Boy Scout Trail. Scouted other Lake of the Woods area trails after windstorm, tossed sticks and debris. Still need to clear Billie Creek Nature Trail but there's probably still snow in spots.
05/27/2022 Mark Goodman1.5 Mark Goodman
Express Lane, Moore Park Continued work on reroute of Express Lane lower portion.
05/26/2022 Grant Weidenbach25 Gregg and Viv W, Grant W
Brown Mtn Cleared 900 road, 3-4 logs and minor brushing. Cleared BMT from 500 road-- 3705 road and 3705 rd--3705 rd. Cut out 3 logs, extensive brushing, limbing, raking.
05/25/2022 Grant Weidenbach12 Viv W, Grant W
High Lakes Trail Cleared 1/2 mile of High Lakes trail, from Brown mtn TH to the west, 6 logs, minor brushing and raking. Cleared 4 logs from road 3640 and TH parking area.
05/23/2022 Grant Weidenbach22 Viv and Gregg W, Michael S, Grant W
Fish Lake trail Finished clearing the FLT (Doe Pt to 37 Rd).
05/22/2022 Karen Poole9 Karen Poole, John Poole
Lake of the Woods area trails Logged out and picked up sticks and small debris on Sunset, Family Loop, and portion of High Lakes Trail between Westside Cabin Road and Great Meadow. A few small, rideable snow patches remaining.
05/21/2022 Kevin Jones158 See the list
Spence Peak, Winema, Shoalwater, North Ridge 1st annual KTA Barbie.
05/19/2022 Grant Weidenbach24 Gregg and Viv W, Michael S, Grant W
Fish Lake trail Spring cleaning on FLT from Fish Lake boat ramp to the cabin road crossing. Ran the big brush cutter and e saw plus hand work.
05/13/2022 Grant Weidenbach5 GW
High Lakes area Recon of trailhead access and snow conditions on trails. Walked 2.5 miles of the Fish Lake trail to scout trail work.
05/09/2022 Michael Schaaf5 Elwyn J, M.S.
Shag,Shark,Captain Jack,North Ridge Check on new trail construction, minor raking on Captain Jack and North Ridge
05/06/2022 Kevin Jones4 KJ
Buzzard Brushed and leveled area around Buzzard bench. Brushed Enduro.
05/04/2022 Mark Goodman1.5 Mark Goodman
Express Lane Started express lane reroute. Cleared duff around trees at top.
05/02/2022 Michael Schaaf6 M.S.
South Ridge Log Bench on South Ridge at start of Speed King
05/01/2022 Lee Heckman2 Lee Heckman, Misty Heckman
Old Eagle, Mazama Cutting and trimming trailside brush
04/29/2022 Josh Nelson8 Josh and Jasper
S. Ridge Trail Brushing, opening drains, tread debris removal.
04/20/2022 Michael Schaaf9 Grant Weidenbach, Michael Schaaf
Mazama Gates/Fence
04/19/2022 Michael Schaaf6 M.S.
Mazama Work on Gate/Fence
04/16/2022 Alicia Jones16 Sarah Reed, Misty Heckman, Lee Heckman, Linda Andersen, Geoff Grisdale, Theresa Ross, Kevin Jones, Alicia Jones
Moore Park Skills Park Planted grass seed and wildflower seed in skills area. Raked off trail surface.
04/16/2022 Kevin Jones7 Kevin Jones, Lee Heckman
Express Lane Brushed Express Lane connector.
04/08/2022 Josh Nelson4 Josh Nelson
Upper S. Ridge / Spence Clearing loose rocks/debris from tread and drains. General limbing and brushing.
04/07/2022 Drew Honzel9 Mark Goodman, Michael Schaaf, Drew Honzel
Spence Cleared two downed trees on North Star.
04/07/2022 Dirty Dan1.5 Dirty Dan
Speed king Remove small rocks and fix ruts
04/05/2022 Michael Schaaf11 Drew H. , Michael S.
North Ridge, Shark Log-out on North Ridge
04/03/2022 Nick george3.25 Nick george,
South ridge Raked upper south ridge from top down past junction and started down upper hooligan
03/28/2022 David K Scott4 David Scott
Sawmill Repaired mud-season damage
03/28/2022 Josh Nelson4 Josh Nelson
S. Ridge Trail - Spence Continued Brushing, limbing, and loose rock removal from upper road towards Spence Peak. One mile of trail complete.
03/27/2022 Josh Nelson6 Josh and Jasper Nelson
S. Ridge Trail Brushing, limbing, and loose rock removal from upper road towards Spence Peak. .5 miles.
03/26/2022 Drew Honzel50 Michael Schaaf, Lillian Schiavo Gilmour, Grant Weidenbach, Andris Olins, Misty Heckman, Lee Heckman, Elwyn Jacobsen, Jonathan Randall, Brian Davenport, Drew Honzel
Spence Brushed out Mazama from Shoalwater TH to JCT 13 or 4 miles.
03/22/2022 Josh Nelson2 Josh N.
Papoose Trail - Moore Park Repaired berms and tread
03/21/2022 Josh Nelson4 Josh N.
S. Ridge - Spence Brushed and repaired tread to first road junction.
03/19/2022 Alicia & Kevin Jones33 Alicia Jones, Kevin Jones, Lee Heckman, Misty Heckman, Linda Anderson, Theresa Ross, Jonathan Rudell, Colima Smith, Jon Phelps, Jan Phelps, Alison Andrews.,
Kit Carson Bike path Cleaned up trash along both sides of bike path from Portland Street up to the area behind Sloan Street
03/16/2022 Dirty Dan5 Dirty Dan
Speed King Shoveled snow off entire trail! Morning frozen rides will be running perfect
03/12/2022 Nick George4.75 Nick,Jake,Collin, ,
Lower hooligan Built and repaired berms
03/09/2022 MichaelSchaaf7 Drew H., Michael S.
Queen of the Lake Log-out, brushing and tread repair on QoL
02/19/2022 Kevin Jones19 Kevin Jones, Fernando Nanni, Lee Heckman, Misty Heckman, Jonathan Randall, Andrew Thomas, ,
Enduro Trail Hauled wood to jobsite, Built wood skinny.
02/16/2022 Kevin Jones9 Kevin Jones, Grant Widenbach
Enduro Trail We shoveled snow on the approach up Enduro and the jobsite. Demo of the old skinny. Precut wood.
01/22/2022 Kevin Jones12 Kevin Jones, Alicia Jones, Andrew Thomas
Sunrise Installed KTA bench
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