Trail Work Log

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Check out these past few work parties. To get involved in the next one, watch the calendar or talk to us if you are looking for some dirt to move.

DateLeadHoursParty Attendees
08/13/2019 Aaron Worcester1 Aaron W
Cleaned out rocks and brush from the Lynnwood connector, that someone maliciously placed on the trail.
08/09/2019 Michael Schaaf12 Elwyn Jacobsen, Michael Schaaf
Log-out Brown Mtn from summit to PCT
08/02/2019 Mark Goodman3 Mark Goodman,
Brushed and cut grass on the lower half.
08/01/2019 Grant Weidenbach30 Gregg W, Viv W, Bill K, Grant W
Brushed 1 mile of Fish lake trail, from Rd 37 to Forest road 705.
07/27/2019 Mark Goodman10 Mark G, Dennis T, Grant W
Cleared grass and brush on Ridgeview trail above Lynnewood
07/24/2019 Grant Weidenbach7 Grant W
Finished brushing the BMt in the switchback area.
07/22/2019 Aaron Worcester3.5 Aaron W.....
Cleared two down trees from Rye Spur. One tree was itty bitty. The other tree was GINORMOUS! lol
07/21/2019 Drew Honzel1 Drew Honzel
Trimmed overgrown grass around Eulalona kiosk area.
07/20/2019 Grant Weidenbach7 Grant W.
Continued brushing the BMT in the switchback area.
07/20/2019 Larry Holzgang13 Drew Honzel, Larry Holzgang
Built and installed Eulalona Kiosk display case.
07/19/2019 Karen Poole11 Karen Poole, John Poole
Trim brush and grass on High Lakes along Great Meadow. Install replacement interpretive panels along Great Meadow.
07/19/2019 Grant Weidenbach22.5 Gregg W, Viv W, Grant W
Machine brushed the BMT from the summit east through switchbacks (~0.5 mi). Burly Manzanita-
07/19/2019 Drew Honzel6 Mark Goodman, Drew Honzel
Installed new map displays in the four Moore Park Kiosks.
07/14/2019 Michael Schaaf12 Alden Goebel, Michael Schaaf
Log out McLoughlin trail to timberline
07/13/2019 Jerry Enman10 Jerry Enman
Brushing, maintain drainage from Lost Creek Trailhead to Blue Lake.
07/11/2019 Karen Poole14 Karen Poole, Dwight Johnson
Trim brush and grass along High Lakes for 7/10 mile east of the PCT and 3/10 mile to the west
07/08/2019 Karen Poole5 Karen Poole
Clean up High Lakes trail and Brown Mountain trailhead from brushing of Road 3640. Fill holes left by vehicle spinning tires against barrier rocks at Road 900 trailhead. String trim around Great Meadow interpretive sign and first half-mile of High Lakes trail.
07/03/2019 Grant Weidenbach6 Mark G, Grant W
Removed piled up fencing and posts from Lynnewood Connector and Hayride area, ~500 lbs of metal scrap.
07/01/2019 Karen Poole2 Karen Poole
Pick up litter at Great Meadow trailhead. Ride High Lakes trail, toss sticks and debris, move one log, trim brush.
06/30/2019 Jerry Enman18 Jerry Enman, Michael Schaaf
Log-out 2.5 miles south and 2.5 miles north of Mt. Mcloughlin trail on PCT
06/27/2019 Grant Weidenbach15 Grant W., Michael S.
Installed 2 'adopt a trail' signs at each end of the Brown Mtn trail, and 12 'trail' reassurance marker signs on the gravel road section near rd. 3705.
06/22/2019 Jerry Enman18 Jerry Enman, Michael Schaaf
Log-out and brushing on PCT on both sides of Hwy 140
06/22/2019 Grant Weidenbach16 Dennis T, Ric D, Mark G, Grant W
Minor reroute at the Ridgeview-Lynnewood Connector intersection.
06/21/2019 Eric Andrews6 Eric Andrews, Michael Schaaf, Drew Honzel
Installed picnic benches at Spence and Shoalwater trailheads.
06/14/2019 Karen Poole4.5 Karen Poole
Finish raking High Lakes Trail!!!
06/12/2019 Jennifer Little0.5 Jennifer Little
Weed whacked lower section (hope to finish the rest soon, but I was getting annihilated by mosquitoes!)
06/11/2019 Grant Weidenbach4 GW
Brushed and raked lowest Hooligan/IMBA.
06/11/2019 Aaron Worcester4.5 Aaron, Mr Owl
Cleared downed trees from the summit headed north (the climb). Several more trees left.
06/10/2019 Karen Poole2 Karen Poole
Ride High Lakes Trail to scout and mark brushing locations
06/09/2019 Karen Poole6.5 Karen Poole
Hang repainted routed wood trail signs. Rake High Lakes Trail.
06/07/2019 Karen Poole4 Karen Poole
Rake High Lakes Trail
06/06/2019 Michael Schaaf6 Grant Willowcreek, Michael Schaaf
Cut downfall near Shoalwater Trailhead
06/06/2019 Karen Poole3 Karen Poole
Paint routed wood trail signs
06/05/2019 Karen Poole8 Karen Poole, John Poole
Rake High Lakes trail
06/04/2019 Vivian Waterman12 Vivian Waterman, Gregg Waterman
Raked the trail from easternmost crossing of Road 3705 to junction with the Pacific Crest Trail.
06/04/2019 Michael Schaaf17 Mark Goodman, Grant Weidenbach, Drew Honzel, Michael Schaaf
Site prep for picnic tables to be installed at both trailheads.
05/31/2019 John Poole3.5 John Poole
Brush High Lakes west of Brown Mountain trailhead
05/30/2019 Drew Honzel18 Mark Goodman, Michael Schaaf, Drew Honzel
Installed 14 trail signs on Queen of the Lake, Winema and North Star.
05/30/2019 Karen Poole12 Karen Poole, John Poole
Brush High Lakes west of Brown Mountain trailhead. Clean "Forest Partnership" interpretive signs on Sunset, Family Loop, and High Lakes. Paint routed wood trail signs.
05/28/2019 Michael Schaaf15 Jerry Enman, Michael Schaaf
Helping Dirt Mechanics to complete QotL. Removing stumps, moving boulders, Raking duff.
05/25/2019 Karen Poole5 Karen Poole, John Poole
Rake High Lakes trail and cut two new logs High Lakes
05/24/2019 Karen Poole6 Karen Poole, John Poole,
Tip up stump Boy Scout trail. Cut off stump High Lakes. Repair Family Loop Jeep damage. Rake High Lakes. Pick up litter Great Meadow trailhead.
05/22/2019 Grant Weidenbach21 Mark Goodman, Gregg Waterman, Grant Weidenbach
Cleared from 500 road east to the BMT 'summit'. Cut out 6 trees and light brushing and raking. The entire BMT and Fish Lake trail are now logged out and 'usable' for the 2019 season.
05/20/2019 Grant Weidenbach30 Mark Goodman, Gregg Waterman, Vivian Waterman, Grant Weidenbach
Worked from BMT TH on west side of LOW to 0.5 miles west of the 'summit' (2.5 miles total). Cut out 6 downfall trees, light brushing and trail tread clearing.
05/20/2019 Karen Poole14 Karen Poole, John Poole
Finish logging out High Lakes trail (44 logs cut for whole trail). Log out Mountain Lakes trail below Wilderness trailhead on Road 3660.
05/19/2019 Karen Poole4 Karen Poole, John Poole
Scout Billie Creek and Mountain Lakes trails, toss sticks and debris and move logs. Hang re-painted trail signs.
05/18/2019 Justin Rodriguez11 Raul Mirande, Grant Weidenbach, Justin Rodriquez,
Cut back high grass and brush along Geo Trail
05/18/2019 Karen Poole2 Karen Poole
Clean up litter and old campfire ashes and debris at Brown Mountain trailhead. Paint trail signs.
05/17/2019 Karen Poole11 Karen Poole, John Poole
Log Boy Scout trail, High Lakes between Brown Mountain trailhead and Great Meadow, Family Loop. Paint trail signs.
05/16/2019 Kevin Jones96 Kevin Jones, Josh Jubb, Brenda, Parker, Kim , Lisa, Brian, Fred, Jim, Bill, Alex, Jon Spicher, Michelle, Rose, Tim,
Cut new KRVT reroute
05/16/2019 Karen Poole4 Karen Poole
Scout Mountain Lakes and Family Loop. Toss sticks and debris. Paint trail signs.
05/16/2019 Grant W16 Michael Schaaf, Grant Weidenbach
Worked the BMT from 900 Road near Fish Lake thru 'Lava Section', cleared 8 trees and light brushing/trail clearing. Brushing/trail clearing on Rd 3705-Rd. 3705 section. Cut 8 trees from Fish Lake trail and minor brushing/clearing.
05/16/2019 Drew Honzel55 Drew Honzel, Gregg Waterman, John Huntsman and 19 students
Brushed Express Lane and Tank trails as part of a KU's "Give Back Day" project.
05/14/2019 Mark Goodman4 Mark Goodman, Drew Honzel
Finished placing directional stickers on signposts in Moore Park along the river
05/13/2019 Karen Poole4.5 Karen Poole, John Poole
Rake High Lakes Trail from Aspen trailhead westward. Paint trail signs.
05/12/2019 Grant W15 GW, Gregg W, Vivian W
Brushed/cleared BMT from Rd 3705/So. TH to Rd 500 (1.5 mi).
05/12/2019 Zach Gilmour52 Zach Gilmour, Chris Galvan, Jennifer Little, Andy Shadley, Lillian Schiavo, Daniel Abernathy, Will Dawning, Treve McReynolds, Tanya Williams, Jim Calvert
Raking and brush clearing.
05/11/2019 Karen Poole5.5 Karen Poole
Remount and paint signboard, clean trail sign, sweep asphalt trail apron and bike shoulder at Fish Lake trailhead. Rake from Road 900 to Fish Lake. Paint trail signs.
05/11/2019 Michael Schaaf3 Michael S., Kevin J., Coulter C.
Cleared down tree from Mazama
05/10/2019 Mark Goodman4 Mark Goodman, Drew Honzel
Adding stickers to wayfinding sign posts along the river
05/09/2019 Ric Drucker4 Ric Drucker, Harry Hansen
Remove barbed wire and T-posts.
05/07/2019 Mark Goodman4 Mark Goodman, Drew Honzel
Placed two carsonite posts and removed two posts from trails in the park
05/06/2019 Ric Drucker2 Ric Drucker
Brush Cut new route at intersection of Ridge View Trail and the Lynnewood Connector Trail.
05/05/2019 Karen Poole3 Karen Poole
Rake High Lakes Trail from Road 3704 to Aspen trailhead. Pick up litter around trailhead sign and start of trail at Great Meadow.
05/03/2019 Aaron2 Aaron, Anthony
Cleared about a 12" tree down across Northridge.
05/02/2019 Kevin Jones8 Kevin Jones
Finish work Autobahn reroute.
05/02/2019 Ric Drucker6 Ric Drucker, Harry Hansen
Remove barbed wire and T-Posts.
05/02/2019 Karen Poole4 Karen Poole, John Poole
Scout Sunset and High Lakes trails near Lake of the Woods. Clear sticks and debris. Discover power pole planted in middle of trail; measure, photograph. Prep trail signs for painting.
04/30/2019 Aaron Worcester2 Aaron, Oddjob
Removed a snag that was hanging over the trail.
04/30/2019 Karen Poole4 Karen Poole, John Poole
Scout west end of High Lakes Trail, toss debris and sticks, plan sign repair projects.
04/30/2019 Karen Poole4 Karen Poole, John Poole
Scout west end of High Lakes Trail, toss debris and sticks, plan sign repair projects.
04/25/2019 Mark Goodman3.5 Mark Goodman
Worked on switchbacks on Tank Tr.
04/19/2019 Josh Jubb3 Josh Jubb, Kevin Jones,
Flagging and initial brush of trail reroute for BZP Give Back Day
04/19/2019 Aaron3 Aaron, Anthony
Removed trees, brush and a large rock on Whiskeytown, Buzzard and Tunnel of love.
04/18/2019 Kevin Jones8 Kevin Jones
Cut Autobahn reroute.
04/16/2019 Mark Goodman3 Mark Goodman, Drew Honzel
Audited new sign post positions and the wording for new signs along the river.
04/14/2019 Michael Schaaf8 Drew H., Michael S.
Pre-fab Shoalwater Kiosk
04/12/2019 Kevin Jones18 Kevin Jones, Grant Weidenbach, Josh Jubb
Cut new section of Autobahn.
04/11/2019 Michael Schaaf8 Drew Honzel, Michael Schaaf
Cutting and notching timbers for Shoalwater Trailhead Kiosk
04/11/2019 Kevin Jones6 Kevin Jones
Brushed new section of Autobahn.
04/10/2019 Kevin Jones3 Kevin Jones, Josh Jubb
Scouted trail modifications to decrease redundant intersections.
04/10/2019 Josh Jubb6 Josh Jubb
Cutting new extension
04/10/2019 Drew Honzel18 Mark Goodman, Kevin Jones, Grant Weidenbach, Michael Schaaf, Drew Honzel
Installed 24 trail signs in the Eulalona area.
04/08/2019 Michael Schaaf2 Michael S.
Cut blowdown on Mazama. Brushing and picking sticks
04/05/2019 Kevin Jones8 Kevin Jones
Worked with Dirt Mechanics building the Queen of the Lake.
04/04/2019 Kevin Jones6 Kevin Jones, Mark Goodman, Josh Jubb
Flagged and GPS new section of Sawmill Trail.
03/22/2019 Kevin Jones8 Kevin Jones
Built Hayride bridge
03/21/2019 Kevin Jones11 Kevin Jones
Built Hayride bridge
03/20/2019 Kevin Jones9 Kevin Jones
Built hayride bridge
03/15/2019 Kevin Jones10 Kevin Jones, Wes Rogers
Hauled wood to site and shoveled snow from work area.
03/14/2019 Kevin Jones8 Kevin Jones, Wes Rogers
Hauled wood to the site.
02/14/2019 Kevin Jones6 Kevin Jones
Pulled juniper logs to work site.
02/06/2019 Kevin Jones3 Kevin Jones
Improved berms, drainage and reverse grades.
01/23/2019 Kevin Jones5 Kevin Jones
Cleaned up berms and improved reverse grades.
01/22/2019 Michael Schaaf4 Michael S.
Cut downfall on Mazama
01/08/2019 Kevin Jones6 Kevin Jones, Ian Tessman
Cleaned up jump and berm.
So far we have worked:
15 hours in Jan 2019
949 hours in 2019
9 hours in Feb 2019
46 hours in Mar 2019
113.5 hours in Apr 2019
444.5 hours in May 2019
145 hours in Jun 2019
130 hours in Jul 2019
46 hours in Aug 2019