Trail Work Log


240.5 total hours in 2017

Please log your project and any hours worked on this page. Work hours and accurate counts of supporters are extremely valuable to the association.

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Tools of the art

Check out these past few work parties. To get involved in the next one, watch the calendar or talk to us if you’re looking for some dirt to move.

DateLeadHoursParty Attendees
06/14/2017 Michael Schaaf 6 Michael Schaaf, Bill Leary
Brushing on upper scratch
06/03/2017 Jennifer Little 7 Jennifer Little, Kent Druckenmiller, Kevin Jones
Cleared weeds and branches with the weed trimmer and loppers then raked behind. Didn’t quite finish. Started from top and worked down.
06/03/2017 Nick George 35 Debbie R, Ciarra C, Nick G, Melinda M, Grant W
Worked the BMT from the summit west to FS road 500. Cleared fallen trees, light limbing, brushing, and raking.
05/22/2017 Mike Chamberland 20 Mike Chamberland, Jerry, Justin, Nicole, Ron, Lilly, and the rest of the NE Community Service team.
Brush and weed wacking
05/18/2017 Drew Honzel 11 Mark Goodman, Drew Honzel
Install Signs.
05/17/2017 Drew Honzel 10.5 Mark Goodman, Michael Schaaf, Drew Honzel
Install Sign Posts.
05/13/2017 Justin Rodriquez 42 Justin Rodriquez, Drew Honzel, Ric Drucker, Jerry Haugen, Glen Gailis, Al Augustine, Harry Hansen, Gregg Waterman, Daniel Abernethy, Lillian Schiavo, Jherime Kellermann, Raul Mirande, Radv Moija, Vivian Waterman
Installed 4 benches and 8 trail signs.
05/12/2017 Kevin Jones 20 Kevin Jones, Alicia Jones, Mark Goodman, Sophia Nathanson, Nathan Stroh, John Poole, Karen Poole
Brushed and cleared down trees on the Fish Lake Tr. The trail is clear from North Fork Campground to Road 900.
05/11/2017 Drew Honzel 8 Drew Honzel, Mark Goodman
Installed sign posts.
05/10/2017 Drew Honzel 2 Drew Honzel, Mark Goodman
Installed sign posts.
05/09/2017 Drew Honzel 16 Drew Honzel, Mark Goodman
Installed sign posts
05/05/2017 Nathan stroh 2 Nathan Stroh and Kedric Osborne so far.
Clean up trail, clear loose rocks, brush, etc.. for run for birds 10k race saturday and for MMR 5k. 90% of crash and burns are on this section if course every year, not trying to make it less technical, just clearing some unforseen hazards and brush back a bit for safety reasons.
05/04/2017 Drew Honzel 2 Drew Honzel, Mark Goodman
Installed sign posts.
04/16/2017 wes rogers 12 nick george , wes rogers
build some burms bellow the two tables tops on the two slicker than snot left handed turns…
04/11/2017 Drew Honzel 9 Michael Schaaf, Mark Goodman, Drew Honzel
Finished installation of two gates on Mazama trail.
04/10/2017 Drew Honzel 13.5 Michael Schaaf, Mark Goodman, Drew Honzel
Installed gate posts on new Mazama trail.
04/06/2017 Drew Honzel 7.5 Michael Schaaf, Mark Goodman, Drew Honzel
Cleared downfall.
04/03/2017 Kevin Jones 4 Kevin Jones
Built two jumps
04/02/2017 wes rogers 9 Wes Rogers, Nick George
started at 1030 finished 1500 4.5 hrs
03/26/2017 Kevin Jones 4 Kevin Jones, Alicia Jones
Planted 100 sage plants.

So far we have worked:
4 hours in Mar 2017
55 hours in Apr 2017
133.5 hours in May 2017
48 hours in Jun 2017
    240.5 total hours in 2017