Trail Work Log

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DateLeadHoursParty Attendees
09/30/2023Adam3.5Adam brunick
Speed kingRake both upper blue sections
09/28/2023Dwight Johnson4Dwight Johnson
High LakesCompleted drainage maintenance work for the season.
09/23/2023Dwight Johnson5.5Dwight Johnson
High LakesWorked on repairing trail tread and improvement of trail drainages.
09/18/2023Dwight Johnson7.5Dwight Johnson
High LakesWorked on repairing trail tread and improvement of trail drainages.
09/17/2023Grant Weidenbach15Dennis and Theresa Ross, Grant W.
Brown MtnCut a log out 0.5 miles west of 500 rd crossing, and minor clean up.
09/14/2023John Poole1.5John Poole
Lake of the Woods area trailsCut one new log off North Family Loop
09/11/2023Dwight Johnson8Dwight Johnson
High LakesRepaired trail tread and improved drainages. Chopped out recent down 7" dead snag just west of lava crest section.
09/09/2023DJ Wagner7DJ Wagner, Adam Brunick
Speed KingRaked 2 upper blue sections
09/07/2023Josh Nelson3Josh N.
Big SkyCompleted upper .4 miles of brushing, line trim, and finish rake.
09/06/2023Dwight Johnson8.5Dwight Johnson
High LakesRepaired trail tread in several separate locations and improved trail drainages south of the PCT junction.
09/05/2023Josh Nelson5Josh N.
Klamath Ridgeview Trail.Brushing, limbing, line trim, and finish rake from Blueberry to Big Sky.
09/04/2023Josh Nelson4.5Josh N.
5 GallonLimbing, brushing, line trim, finish rake on 5 Gallon from No Name to the intersection of of Big Sky.
09/04/2023Grant Weidenbach6GW
Brown MtnBrushed 1.25 mile of Huckleberry, west to the So. BMT TH on Rd 3705.
09/03/2023Josh Nelson4Josh N.
Big SkyLine trimming, brushing, & finish rake.
09/02/2023Jeremy Morris6Derek Kindt, Amber Singh, Jeremy Morris
Ridgeview & ScratchTrail vegetation trimming with Linkville Lopers.
08/31/2023Grant Weidenbach6GW
Brown MtnCut out a log near the summit and power brushed from Rd 500 0.7 miles west.
08/30/2023Josh Nelson4.5Josh N.
HayrideLine trimming, brushing, finish raking.
08/24/2023John Poole2.5John Poole
Lake of the Woods area trails and High Lakes TrailCut new log off Sunset Trail near Sunset Campground and cut back several logs that Dwight marked on High Lakes Trail (electric saw).
08/24/2023Josh Nelson5Josh N.
HayrideLine trimming, brushing, finish raking.
08/22/2023DJ Wagner4DJ Wagner, Adam Brunick
Speed KingCut out some brake bumps before a few tables and packed it in
08/16/2023Grant Weidenbach3GW
RidgeviewBrushed the west end (0.25 mi) of Ridgeview trail.
08/15/2023Grant Weidenbach7GW
Brown MtnBrushed the BMT from Rd 3705 (south TH) east, 0.4 mi.
08/14/2023Adam brunick2Adam brunick
Spence mt. Speed kingRaked bottom 3 sections of speed king
08/14/2023Josh Nelson6.5Josh N.
Jaspers Trail (Old - Up and Over)Limbing, brushing, tread repair on switchback, line trimming, and finish raking from N. loop rd. to viewpoint.
08/11/2023Josh Nelson6Josh N.
No NameLine trimming, brushing, finish raking.
08/07/2023Josh Nelson6Josh N
BuzzardCorridor brushing, line trimming, and finish raking.
08/05/2023DJ Wagner2DJ Wagner, Adam Brunick
Speed KingRemoved some loose rocks and fixed a few holes
07/31/2023Dwight Johnson4Dwight Johnson
High LakesTrimmed weeds as needed along the trail from Aspen Point Campground to the lava crest outcropping.
07/30/2023Karen Poole12Karen Poole, John Poole
High Lakes TrailAfter finding a flooded area on High Lakes Trail, 2/10 mi east of the Bypass, water was traced to Fourmile Canal directly across Rd 3650 from Petunia Ski Trail junction. It was easy to find a big obstruction in the canal and see where water was flowing out over a slightly lowered area of the bank. We first removed strainers on a downstream fallen tree and then sawed and winched two trees out of the canal. Water ceased to flow out of the canal after this work.
07/29/2023Grant Weidenbach16Jeremy Mack0, Grant W
Brown MtnCleared 3 logs and did some saw training.
07/27/2023Grant Weidenbach32Gregg and Viv W, Drew Honzel , Grant W
Brown MtnPower Brushed from BMT 'summit' west to the PCT crossing.
07/25/2023Grant Weidenbach8GW
Brown MtnBrush from Rd 560 spur to PCT crossing.
07/24/2023Dwight Johnson6Dwight Johnson
High LakesTrimmed weeds along trail as needed west of PCT jct. to within 1/2 mile of road 900. Cleaned out Big Gully drainage just before the re-route section of trail.
07/20/2023Grant Weidenbach18Gregg and Viv Waterman, Grant W
Brown MtnFinished power brushing the rd 500--rd 560 section of the BMT (0.5 mi. today).
07/17/2023Dwight Johnson4Dwight Johnson
High LakesTrimmed weeds along trail as needed from east of PCT jct. to within 3/4 mile of the lava crest area.
07/14/2023Grant Weidenbach21Gregg and Viv W, Grant W
Brown MtnPower brushed the BMT from rd 500 east 3/4 mile.
07/12/2023Grant Weidenbach8GW
Brown MtnBrushed the BMT from main TH south 1 mile.
07/11/2023Kevin Jones3KJ
Junker, 5 gallonBrushed and replaced rock choke feature on 5 Gallon. Brushed and adjusted rock garden on Junker.
07/11/2023Anthony Benedetti15Anthony Benedetti, George Mulleneix and Jeremy Macko
Mountain Lakes TrailUSDA FS Sawyer Chainsaw Field Training with George Mulleneix and Jeremy Macko who earned class A certification and are well on their way to class B. We limbed, bucked and cleared 15 trees and removed duff for good measure.
07/10/2023Dwight Johnson5Dwight Johnson
High LakesTrimmed weeds around Kiosk/Interpretive signs, and as needed along the trail from Great Meadow to Aspen Point campground. Hiked out a Polaris snowmobile belly pan found next to the trail.
07/10/2023John Poole1John Poole
Lake of the Woods area trailsCut new log from Mountain Lakes Trail halfway between Dead Indian Memorial and Wilderness trailhead
07/09/2023Lee Heckman10Lee Heckman, Misty Heckman
Pacific Crest TrailCut out 6 down trees from trail and cleared debris from trail. From intersection with Brown Mtn. Trail north about 2 miles
07/06/2023John Poole1John Poole
High Lakes TrailCut new log off High Lakes near old ranger station.
07/05/2023Dwight Johnson4.5Dwight Johnson
High LakesFilled holes along the lava crest section of trail. Cutout 7" dead snag extending 5' high above the trail.
07/05/2023Anthony Benedetti38.75Anthony Benedetti, George Mulleneix, Heath (didn’t get surname) , Gary (didn’t get surname), and Jeremy Macko
Varney Creek TrailVarney Creek Trail: volunteer trail maintenance/sawyer training (wilderness project—crosscut saw, katana boy, wedges and ax—no motors!) with Winema Forest Service Ranger Anthony Benedetti. We limbed, bucked approximately 10 trees (clearing the trail) utilizing OHLEC fundamentals to safely and efficiently manage top, bottom, side and end binds—often simultaneously. Travail d'équipe au top…
07/04/2023Lee Heckman8Lee Heckman
Pacific Crest TrailFrom Griffin Pass south to meet up with my cuts from 7/2 - cut out 36 down trees from trail and removed debris from trail. Many thanks from the through hikers
07/04/2023Michael Schaaf32George Mulleneix, Bill Wood, Mike Philbin, Michael Schaaf
McLoughlin TrailLog-out on McLoughlin Trail, temp. Canal bypass Trail (aka SAR trail) and Frye Lake Trail.
07/03/2023Jeremy Macko7Jeremy Macko
Moore MountainPenance trail maintenance: limbing and brushing; added tech/rock (atonement) and a proper B line to junker climb from tunnel of love—Husqvarna 440, pick mattock and rock bar.
07/02/2023Dwight Johnson1Dwight Johnson
High LakesThe following listings were removed from trail path: a recent down 8" snag; 4 rotten logs in trail resulting from bears searching for a snack; several broken off dead limbs, and one fully grown dead bunny rabbit. A leisure bike ride turned into a little work along the way from Great Meadow to Fish Lake.
07/02/2023Lee Heckman10Lee Heckman
Pacific Crest TrailFrom Keno Access Road north about 2 miles - cut out 68 down trees from trail and removed debris from trail
06/28/2023Drew Honzel4Drew Honzel
SpenceInstalled temporary signs on Queen of the Lake and Chinquapin trails.
06/28/2023Lee Heckman12Lee Heckman, Misty Heckman
Pacific Crest TrailCut out 46 down trees from trail and cleared debris from trail. From Griffin Pass to Old Baldy
06/26/2023Dwight Johnson8Dwight Johnson
High LakesFilled deep ruts and trenches caused by water running down in the center of trail east of 900 spur road. Installed 2 drain dips.
06/26/2023Lee Heckman8Lee Heckman, Misty Heckman
Pacific Crest TrailCut out 19 down trees from trail and removed debris from trail. North of Old Baldy
06/25/2023Lee Heckman5Lee Heckman, Misty Heckman
Cherry Creek TrailCut out 11 down trees and cleared debris from trail - from trailhead to wilderness boundary
06/24/2023Karen Poole4Karen Poole, John Poole
Lake of the Woods area trailsLogged out and picked up sticks and large debris on Billie Creek Loop (short loop off of Rye Spur 1/4 mile up from Hwy 140). All "Lake of the Woods area trails" typically logged out by John and Karen are now completed.
06/22/2023Lee Heckman1Lee Heckman
Moore Park - CutterCut out trailside brush
06/21/2023Lee Heckman6Lee Heckman, Misty Heckman
Pacific Crest TrailCut out 6 down trees from trail and cleared debris from trail. North of Dead Indian
06/18/2023Lee Heckman2Lee Heckman, Misty Heckman
Cherry Creek TrailCut out 8 down trees from trail and cleared debris from trail - in the wilderness area.
06/17/2023Lee Heckman3Lee Heckman, Misty Heckman
Pacific Crest TrailCut out 8 down trees from trail and cleared debris from trail. North of Hwy 140
06/15/2023Dwight Johnson7.5Dwight Johnson
High LakesCompleted raking of High Lakes trail.
06/14/2023Dwight Johnson10Dwight Johnson
High LakesTrail raking extending from Lava Crest Summit to PCT jct.
06/14/2023Lee Heckman6Lee Heckman
Pacific Crest TrailCut out 12 down trees and cleared debris from trail. From South Brown Mtn Shelter to intersection with Brown Mtn Trail
06/14/2023Grant Weidenbach24George Mullineux, Michael Schaaf, Grant W
Rye SpurLogout(25) and minor brushing/raking from Rye Spur trail 'crest'/rock outcrop to Hwy 140.
06/13/2023Dwight Johnson9.5Dwight Johnson
High LakesTrail raking extending across the lava crest summit.
06/13/2023Vivian Waterman3Vivian Waterman
Old EagleUsed loppers and a hand saw to remove branches and small aspens
06/12/2023Dwight Johnson10Dwight Johnson
High LakesRaked trail from Great Meadow to Aspen Point campground, and about 1.3 miles west of Brown Mtn. trailhead.
06/10/2023Michael Schaaf9Drew Honzel, Michael Schaaf
SpenceCleared downed Aspen on Mazama trail; then brushed upper Hooligan.
06/10/2023Jeremy Macko4Jeremy Macko
Brown Mountain TrailTrail maintenance: from Brown Mtn trail/road 3640 junction down towards “BM” trailhead to switchbacks—heavy raking, duff and rock removal, cleaned up around recently cleared trees and cut in several drains.
06/08/2023Dwight Johnson12.5Dwight Johnson, John Poole
High LakesHauled surface rock material from hwy 140, milepost 33 stockpile by transferring 1.5 yards to Road 900 parking area; 2.5 yards to Brown Mountain trailhead for future transport up to the lava crest section of trail; and 2 yards to LOW power-line road, and then transported by tractor to damaged section of trail to fill deep holes and ruts caused by vehicle getting stuck on the trail. Rental of dump trail $165; 2.2 tractor hours in loading and hauling; and 118 vehicle total miles.
06/08/2023Karen Poole6Karen Poole, John Poole
High Lakes TrailRe-worked section of High Lakes Trail that was logged over snow, from Westside cabin road west to first lava section. Cut several logs from across the trail that had been buried under the snow earlier or were new blowdowns, removed two leaners, cut back logs from trail margin, and cut logs to ground. Only one small patch of snow remains on trail.
06/06/2023Dwight Johnson8Dwight Johnson
High LakesTrail raking from Billie Creek bridge to just beyond Brown Mtn. Trailhead.
06/05/2023Grant Weidenbach40George Mulleniex (sp), Michael Schaaf, Viv W, Jeremy Mack, GW
Brown MtnCleared BMT from east side TH to 500 rd crossing. Brown Mtn loop is now cleared and (mostly) snow free.
06/03/2023Gregg Waterman5Gregg Waterman
Spence Mountain - Captain Jack, Winema, ModocMostly limbing, some brushing and raking. Did lower Captain Jack (Junction 6 to Junction 7), Winema from Junction 6 to Junction 8, Modoc.
06/03/2023Grant Weidenbach6GW
Brown MtnRecon of road access to south side of BMT. Cut 2 logs off roads, shoveled snow etc.
06/02/2023Michael Schaaf6Drew Honzel, Michael Schaaf
MooreRemove downed Juniper tree on 5 gallon.
06/02/2023Michael Schaaf5Drew Honzel, Michael Schaaf
SpenceBrushed out road to Jct 5.
06/02/2023John Poole2John Poole
Lake of the Woods area trails and High Lakes TrailTook a few trees off of Boy Scout Trail, and High Lakes Trail between Brown Mountain Trailhead and Westside Cabin Road.
05/31/2023Grant Weidenbach12Michael Schaaf, Grant W.
Brown MtnCleared(10 logs) and brushing work on the BMT Lava section.
05/30/2023Karen Poole4Karen Poole , John Poole
Lake of the Woods area trailsTook out two nasty fallen trees across Mountain Lakes Trail between the Wilderness trailhead and Dead Indian Memorial Road. The trail is clear of logs and free of snow between the Wilderness trailhead and Lake of the Woods Resort.
05/29/2023Grant Weidenbach24Andy Cook, Viv W, Gregg W, Grant W
Brown Mtn trailLogout and light brushing/raking of the BMT from Rd 3705 (lower Xing) to 500 rd Xing. ~10 logs.
05/28/2023Jeremy Macko10Jeremy Macko
Moore MountainBrushed, limbed, felled x 2 and removed rock: Tank to Tunnel of Love, Tunnel of Love to Junker, Junker to Hot Lava.
05/28/2023Grant Weidenbach16Michael Schaaf, Grant W
High Lakes TrailCleared the HLT from 900 rd to the BMT trailhead, cut and removed ~30 logs.
05/27/2023DJ Wagner4DJ Wagner, Adam Brunick
Speed KingRaked off loose rock on 2 last sections
05/26/2023Grant Weidenbach15Viv Waterman, Grant W
Fish Lake trailRecon of south side, the south BMT trailhead is now accessible from the north on 3705 Rd. Cut 6 logs out and cleaned debris/raked, on the FLT from 37 Rd to the cabin road crossing.
05/25/2023Karen Poole9Karen Poole, John Poole
Lake of the Woods area trails and High Lakes TrailTook several logs off the "old road" leg of Sunset Trail. Logged out Family Loop, probably ten logs. No further grooming (raking) of Family Loop is needed. Logged out about a half-dozen logs on High Lakes between Great Meadow and Road 3704 (since we were in the area--the rest of the trail is yours Grant & Co.). There are still patches of snow on Family Loop and the Great Meadow section of High Lakes but all but a few can be easily biked around or over.
05/24/2023Grant Weidenbach12Michael Schaaf, Grant W.
High Lakes trailWorked the HLT near the BMT trailhead. Cut 10 logs and cleared winter debris.
05/23/2023Dwight Johnson7.5Dwight Johnson
High LakesRaking High Lakes trail starting at Fish Lake and extending 1/2 mile east of the 900 road. Did not encounter any down trees, or snow. Continued raking on various trail segments from LOW access road up to Billy Creek bridge crossing. Karen had already completed most of the raking on the trail adjacent to Aspen Day Use area and just beyond LOW outlet bridge.
05/23/2023Karen Poole3Karen Poole
Lake of the Woods area trailsRaked Sunset Trail near Aspen Campground, Lake of the Woods Resort, and Rainbow Day-Use.
05/23/2023Drew Honzel2Drew Honzel
SpenceReplaced rotted out trail sign post at Shoalwater trailhead and installed caution signs on Mazama trail crossing Eagle Ridge Rd.
05/22/2023Karen Poole7Karen Poole, John Poole
Lake of the Woods area trails and High Lakes TrailCut two logs off Sunset Trail near Lake of the Woods Resort and several off High Lakes Trail near Aspen Day-Use. Also took out several leaning lodgepole pines on High Lakes near the outlet bridge. Raked and picked up large debris. Sunset Trail is now clear of fallen trees.
05/20/2023Karen Poole3Karen Poole
Lake of the Woods area trailsRake Sunset Trail at Lake of the Woods from Sunset Campground boat ramp to Rainbow Day-Use. We don't usually rake this trail but there is an extraordinary amount of debris down this year. Only a few small snow patches remain and there are no trees down on this section of the trail.
05/20/2023DJ Wagner2DJ Wagner, Adam Brunick
Speed KingRemoved some loose death potatoes
05/20/2023Drew Honzel95Michael Crivello, Jim Loyd, George Mulleneix, Reid Blomquist, Bryan Fix, Theresa Ross, Michael Schaaf, Jacqueline Lucero, Dan Broockmann, Raphael P., Jeremy Macko, Luke Mountz, Martha Cruse, Grant Weidenbach, Mark Edge, Zach, Jennifer Little, Medford MTB, Drew Honzel
SpenceBrushing, limbing and clearing drains on Mazama Trail
05/19/2023DJ Wagner2DJ Wagner
Speed KingCleaned up some looseness on upper black section and filled some brake bumps on upper blue
05/18/2023Drew Honzel8Grant Weidenbach, Drew Honzel
SpenceInstalled new trail signs at JCT 2, 3, 4, 5 and 5.5.
05/17/2023Paul Lissette12Phil Breuer, Paul Lissette, Erika Schmid
SpenceAccumulative hours for Paul, Phil and Erika over the last 3 weeks. Clearing downed trees and tossing spring trash/rocks. North Ridge, Nighthawk, Winema, Spence Peak Trail, Modoc.
05/14/2023Gregg Waterman5Vivian Waterman, Gregg Waterman
Northstar Trail, at ShoalwaterRaked pine needles and cones off the trail, removed a few roots and loose rocks. That trail is in great shape now, and should need no more work.
05/14/2023Grant Weidenbach4GW
Fish Lake trailRecon of snow conditions and road access. Walked from Fish lake boat ramp to cabin road sing, Cut 1 log. Area is still pretty snowy and wet.
05/12/2023Justin Rodriguez5Justin Rodriguez
Geo TrailRolled area that was treated with Mazama Ash to try to break up large chunks.
05/11/2023DJ Wagner2DJ Wagner
Speed KingLittle broom work on top blue section
05/10/2023Drew Honzel8Mark Goodman, Drew Honzel
SpenceInstalled trail signs on South Ridge and Speed King
05/09/2023DJ Wagner6DJ Wagner, Adam Brunick
Speed KingRaked the black section
05/07/2023Lee Heckman4Lee Heckman
Moore ParkBerms and corner work
05/06/2023DJ Wagner5.5DJ Wagner
Speed KingRaked all the loose rock up to the bottom of black section
05/05/2023Josh Nelson5Josh and Jasper
Upper S. Ridge SpenceRemoval of tree and leaner. Buffing, raking Brushing.
05/04/2023Josh Nelson3Josh N.
Spence / QueenBrushing, tread repair raking
05/01/2023Josh Nelson10Josh and Jasper Nelson
Queen / SpenceBrushing, Tread Repair
05/01/2023Paul Lissette8Phil Breuer, Paul Lissette
SpenceAdditional road grading and vegetation removal from Junction 9 down to lake edge at the landing
04/30/2023Kevin Jones6Kevin Jones, Ian Tesman
EnduroInstalled feature warning signs and buffed worn areas.
04/27/2023Michael Schaaf4Drew H. Michael S.
Old EagleCut leaner on Old Eagle
04/23/2023Paul Lissette16Phil Breuer, Paul Lissette
SoenceCleared road to Junction 9 of brush and some minor drainage and road re grading.
04/22/2023Josh Nelson8Josh Nelson, Ross Putnam
Queen of the Lake / SpenceRemoval of fallen tree, brushing, raking.
04/22/2023DJ Wagner4.5DJ Wagner
Speed KingFixed lips and landing's, shoveled remaining snow off up to the top of blue section
04/21/2023Drew Honzel13Michael Schaaf, Drew Honzel
Shoalwater THHelped Marc Cross’s survey crew on the Shoalwater trailhead expansion.
04/20/2023Michael Schaaf8MS
QueenBrushing on QoL Cutting, shaping and hauling of logs for a bench at the current terminus of QoL
04/16/2023Josh Nelson6Josh Nelson
QOTL / SpenceBrushing, limbing, and re-benching/armoring eroding sections.
04/13/2023Josh Nelson3Josh and Jasper Nelson
Moore Skills AreaRaked, shaped, and repaired surface tread of “Jumps and Drops” sector.
04/11/2023Michael Schaaf6Grant Weidenbach, Michael Schaaf
Moore ParkCleanup and regrading around Trailer and shed
04/10/2023Josh Nelson10Josh, Jasper
Spence QOTLRaking, brushing, tread repair
04/10/2023Josh Nelson10Josh and Japser Nelson
Queen of the Lake / SpenceBrushing, Raking, Benching, Tread Repair
04/08/2023Josh Nelson4Josh
Spence QOTLBrushing, raking Queen of the Lake.
04/08/2023Michael Schaaf3Kale ?, Michael Schaaf
Red RoverCut leaner tree on Red Rover.
04/08/2023Josh Nelson4Josh N.
Spence QOTLBrushing, raking, tread repair on Queen of the Lake.
03/25/2023 Michael Schaaf2 MS
Moore Park Brushing on Klamath Ridgeview Trail and Hayride
01/28/2023 DJ Wagner7 DJ Wagner, Adam Brunick
Speed king Removed 6 down trees and work on that 3 way corner on the blue section, rocks were falling out so made it a berm
07/31/2022Jeremy Macko1Jeremy Macko
Spence MoutainStarted as a standard out-and-back along South Ridge Trail and Spence Peak Trail but morphed into impromptu removal of large rock and limbing boughs/overhanging branches.
07/10/2022Jeremy Macko6.45Jeremy Macko
Spence MoutainSouth Ridge to Spence Peak to Hooligan: Cleared debris, stones, baby heads and bigger rocks, and spruced up technical sections.
So far we have worked:
7 hours in Jan 2023
1062.75 hours in 2023
2 hours in Mar 2023
105.5 hours in Apr 2023
313 hours in May 2023
7.45 hours in Jul 2022
7.45 hours in 2022
226.5 hours in Jun 2023
265.25 hours in Jul 2023
54.5 hours in Aug 2023
89 hours in Sep 2023