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Tools of the art

Check out these past few work parties below. To get involved in the next one, watch the calendar or talk to us if you’re looking for some dirt to move.

We have a problem with 8-24-2016 *******************
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Total Hours for Feb 2016 25.5
Total Hours for Mar 2016 68.5
Total Hours for Apr 2016 139.5
Total Hours for May 2016 168.75
Total Hours for Jun 2016 244.25
Total Hours for Jul 2016 104.5
Total Hours for Aug 2016 116
Total Hours for Sep 2016 243
Total Hours for Oct 2016 162.25
Total Hours for Nov 2016 76
Total Hours for Mar 2017 4
Total Hours for Apr 2017 55
Total Hours for May 2017 133.5
Total Hours for Jun 2017 48
Total for 2016 1348.25
Total for 2017 240.5

DateLeadHoursParty Attendees
06/14 Michael Schaaf 6 Michael Schaaf, Bill Leary
Brushing on upper scratch
06/03 Nick George 35 Debbie R, Ciarra C, Nick G, Melinda M, Grant W
Worked the BMT from the summit west to FS road 500. Cleared fallen trees, light limbing, brushing, and raking.
06/03 Jennifer Little 7 Jennifer Little, Kent Druckenmiller, Kevin Jones
Cleared weeds and branches with the weed trimmer and loppers then raked behind. Didn’t quite finish. Started from top and worked down.
05/22 Mike Chamberland 20 Mike Chamberland, Jerry, Justin, Nicole, Ron, Lilly, and the rest of the NE Community Service team.
Brush and weed wacking
05/18 Drew Honzel 11 Mark Goodman, Drew Honzel
Install Signs.
05/17 Drew Honzel 10.5 Mark Goodman, Michael Schaaf, Drew Honzel
Install Sign Posts.
05/13 Justin Rodriquez 42 Justin Rodriquez, Drew Honzel, Ric Drucker, Jerry Haugen, Glen Gailis, Al Augustine, Harry Hansen, Gregg Waterman, Daniel Abernethy, Lillian Schiavo, Jherime Kellermann, Raul Mirande, Radv Moija, Vivian Waterman
Installed 4 benches and 8 trail signs.
05/12 Kevin Jones 20 Kevin Jones, Alicia Jones, Mark Goodman, Sophia Nathanson, Nathan Stroh, John Poole, Karen Poole
Brushed and cleared down trees on the Fish Lake Tr. The trail is clear from North Fork Campground to Road 900.
05/11 Drew Honzel 8 Drew Honzel, Mark Goodman
Installed sign posts.
05/10 Drew Honzel 2 Drew Honzel, Mark Goodman
Installed sign posts.
05/09 Drew Honzel 16 Drew Honzel, Mark Goodman
Installed sign posts
05/05 Nathan stroh 2 Nathan Stroh and Kedric Osborne so far.
Clean up trail, clear loose rocks, brush, etc.. for run for birds 10k race saturday and for MMR 5k. 90% of crash and burns are on this section if course every year, not trying to make it less technical, just clearing some unforseen hazards and brush back a bit for safety reasons.
05/04 Drew Honzel 2 Drew Honzel, Mark Goodman
Installed sign posts.
04/16 wes rogers 12 nick george , wes rogers
build some burms bellow the two tables tops on the two slicker than snot left handed turns…
04/11 Drew Honzel 9 Michael Schaaf, Mark Goodman, Drew Honzel
Finished installation of two gates on Mazama trail.
04/10 Drew Honzel 13.5 Michael Schaaf, Mark Goodman, Drew Honzel
Installed gate posts on new Mazama trail.
04/06 Drew Honzel 7.5 Michael Schaaf, Mark Goodman, Drew Honzel
Cleared downfall.
04/03 Kevin Jones 4 Kevin Jones
Built two jumps
04/02 wes rogers 9 Wes Rogers, Nick George
started at 1030 finished 1500 4.5 hrs
03/26 Kevin Jones 4 Kevin Jones, Alicia Jones
Planted 100 sage plants.
11/18 Kevin Jones 20 Kevin Jones, Aaron Worchester, Wes Rodgers
Picked up tractor parts and groceries for the Dirt Mechanics. Built jumps and berms on the North Ridge slopestyle line.
11/12 Grant Weidenbach 14 Grant Weidenbach, Mark Goodman, Ric Drucker and Dennis Taugher
At Stonehenge, we built three big drain dips and widened 100′ of trail
11/10 Kevin Jones 6 Kevin Jones
I built two jumps on the slopestyle line on the North Ridge tr.
11/09 Kevin Jones 7 Kevin Jones
I build two berms and a jump on the slopestyle line on the North Ridge tr.
11/05 Jerry Enman 29 Jerry Enman, Saravannan Mylsamy, Frank Ganong.
Removed blowdown and serviced water bars from Mt. McLoughlin Trailhead to Summit Lake/Squaw Lake Trails with help from two PCTA volunteers.
10/23 Drew Honzel 11.5 Drew Honzel, Drew Lawrie
New trail construction; grooming after machine.
10/21 Paul Thomasberg 6 Joe Myer
New trail construction; rock armoring.
10/14 Kevin Jones 4 Kevin Jones
Flagged new section of Southie tr.
10/13 Kevin Jones 12 Kevin Jones, Mark Goodman, Kent Drunkinmiller
Constructed two berms with reverse grade water drains on Southie tr.
10/08 Jerry Enman 42 Jerry Enman, Saravannan Mylsamy, Frank Ganong, Gary Roberts
Cleared blowdown. Connected with previous work South of Sky Lakes Trail then cleared about 1/4 mile North from Sky Lakes Trail.
10/08 Drew Honzel 14 Drew Honzel, Mark Goodman, Drew Lawrie
Built three rolling drain dips in severly eroded sections of trail.
10/08 Larry R. Holzgang 6 Larry R. Holzgang
Clearing weeds encroaching on path.
10/08 Jerry Enman 42.25 Jerry Enman, Saravanan Mylsamy, Frank Ganong, Gary Roberts
Cleared blowdown and small encroaching trees about 3/4 mile South and 1/4 mile North of Sky Lakes Trail.
10/04 Jerry Enman 10.5 Jerry Enman
Built water bars and cleared blowdown working with Forest Service crew.
10/02 Drew Honzel 4 Drew Honzel, Drew Lawrie
Trail brushing on Hooligan.
10/01 Jerry Enman 10 Jerry Enman
Cleaned water bars as needed.
09/29 Jerry Enman 9.5 Jerry Enman
Helped Forest Service crew logout, brush, and service water bars on Wilderness portion of trail.
09/28 Drew Honzel 6 Drew Honzel, Anthony Benedetti
Scouted alternative routes to build a connector trail on forest service property.
09/24 Jerry Enman 53 Jerry Enman, Lisa Enman, Frank Ganong, Michael Schaaf, Saravanan Mylsamy.,
Removed blowdown and some encroaching small trees from about 1/2 mile of Sky Lakes Trail then about 1/4 mile South on the PCT. worked with one PCTA volunteer. Actual work day was 9-24-16. Work log “project date” will not allow correct entry.
09/22 Kevin Jones 4 Kevin Jones
Walked Jail trail with build crew. Built berm and smoothed tread on Southie.
09/15 Kevin Jones 8 Kevin Jones, Alicia Jones
Cut the brush back on the potato loop, Sunrise and Boom.
09/10 Jerry Enman 70 Jerry Enman, Grant Weidenbach, Kenneth Scott Wagner, Bill Wood, Ric Drucker, Lisa Enman, Gary Roberts
Completed blowdown removal on Cold Springs, and cleared blowdown on Sky Lakes Trail for about 1/4 mile West from Cold Springs Jct. These trails are the next access to the PCT as clearing proceeds North.
09/09 Jerry Enman 14 Jerry Enman
Recruit for and coordinate five recent and one upcoming trail work day.
09/08 Jerry Enman 19 Jerry Enman, Michael Schaaf
From Long Lake/Red Lake junction cleared blowdown to about 1.5 miles North. Worked with one PCTA volunteer. Work day was 8-31-16.
09/07 Kevin Jones 4 Kevin Jones, Jennifer Little
Flagged Jail Trail
09/06 Jerry Enman 47.5 Jerry Enman, Michael Schaaf, Saravanan Mylsamy, Frank Ganong, Kenneth Scott Wagner
Clear blowdown in the vicinity of Red Lake in the Sky Lakes Wilderness with the help of 3 PCTA volunteers. Actual work day was 9-5-16.
09/03 Kevin Jones 8 Alicia Jones
Grooming and berming.
08/29 Jerry Enamn 28.5 Jerry Enman, Lisa Enman, Saravanan Mysalmy
Starting at the Long Lake trail junction removed blowdown for approx. one mile South. Actual work day was 8-28-16.
08/24 Michael Schaaf 6 Michael Schaaf
Minor Trail maintenance and Clean-up
08/19 Mike Chamberland 1.5 Just Mike
WeedEating Touchup from linwood to top of scratch – someone has already done a fine job.
08/13 Jerry Enamn 14 Jerry Enman, Phil McGovern
Cleared blowdown near McLoughlin trail. Worked with Forest Service and PCTA staff and other volunteers.
08/13 Lauren Jespersen 36 Lauren Jespersen, Justin Rodriguez, Eleanor Rodriguez, Frank Ganong, Harry Hansen, Ric Drucker, Glen Gailis, Adam Burwell, Drew Honzel
Raked out rocks and leveled sidecut of new Geo Trail.
08/12 Jerry Enamn 20 Jerry Enman, Grant Weidenbach
Cleared blowdown between Summit trailhead and McLoughlin Trail with Forest Service and PCTA staff and other volunteers.
08/10 Kevin Jones 3 Kevin Jones
Flagged Jail Trail
08/05 Dennis Taugher 7 Ric Drucker, Dennis Taugher
Widened, brushed and groomed small connector trail in Buck Ridge.
07/23 Michael Schaaf 6 Michael Schaaf, Mark Goodman,
Weed wacked lower part of scratch near Utility vault
07/23 Dennis Taugher 7 Ric Drucker and Dennis Taugher
groomed small connector trail on rock catch basin at Buck Ridge.
07/16 Jerry Enman 10 Jerry Enman
Helped Forest Service crew remove blowdown from Sevenmile Trail to Seven Lakes Trail.
07/16 Jerry Enman 27 Jerry Enman, Dwight Johnson, Phil McGovern
Removed blowdown Approx. two miles North of Summit Sno-park. Work performed 7-15-16, work log will not allow any date except the date entry is made.
07/15 Grant Weidenbach 22 John Poole. , Gregg & Viv Waterman, Grant Weidenbach
Cut out 20 blowdowns, brushing, limbing, and raking.
07/13 David Scott 1 David Scott
Weed whacking!
07/12 John Poole 14 Randy Poston, John Poole
Cleared ~80 small trees off 900 Rd and Lava section of the BMT
07/11 David Scott 1 David Scott
Weed whacking!
07/10 David Scott .5 David Scott
Weed whacking!
07/09 Grant Weidenbach 16 Bill Wood, Frank Ganong, Dennis Taugher and Grant Weidenbach.
Brushed roughly 1.5 miles of eastern end of Klamath Ridgeview and Hayride. Weed whacked and took out small trees/shrubs where needed.
06/28 Brad Kramer 1.75 Brad and Alec Kramer
Cut back brush from trails
06/25 Kevin Jones 12 Kevin Jones, Alicia Jones
Cut up and removed down trees on Fish Lake tr.
06/25 Grant Weidenbach 49 Viv Waterman, Gregg Waterman, Mark Goodman, Michael Schaaf, John Poole, Grant Weidenbach
Cut and cleared 15 trees from the summit to the west. Raked out and brush cut 2 miles. Hand brush cutting from summit east to the BMT TH (3 mi).
06/20 Jerry Enman 10.5 Jerry Enman
Limbed blowdown to prepare for sawyers and make crossing easier, removed limbs and tops under 5″ from trail, cleaned water bars to about 6800′ elevation.
06/19 Dennis Taugher 4 Mark Goodman , Dennis Taugher
Did brushwork on main trail to roundabout then back the IMBA connector.
06/15 Jerry Enman 10.75 Jerry Enman
Helped Forest Service crew clear blowdown. Ran chainsaw for them to the Wilderness boundary because the Wilderness Rangers are not chainsaw certified lol.
06/13 Drew Honzel 7 Drew Honzel, Mark Goodman
Spread 10 yards of cinders around Kiosk area.
06/12 Kevin Jones 40 Kevin Jones, Alicia Jones, Zach Gilmore, Jerry Enman, Melinda Mcguirre,
Cut down trees on Brown Mtn Tr from the bottom east side NF3640 to the top intersection.
06/11 Drew Honzel 28 Drew Honzel, Harry Hansen, Ric Drucker, Ed Beverly, Mark Goodman, Dan Gailis, Pete Moody
Completed weed trimming on KRVT trail from Lynnwood Connector to landing above Scottyville Dr. near Buck Ridge.
06/10 Brad Kramer 1 Just Brad
Finished top section of enduro and noticed I needed to clear more brush on tunnel of love as well on the way
06/09 Jerry Enman 10.25 Jerry Enman
Limbed blowdown to prepare for sawyers and make crossing easier, removed limbs and tops smaller than 5″ from trail.
06/05 Grant Weidenbach 48 Drew H, Alicia J, Lillian S, David Riggs, Zach G, Gregg and Viv W, Grant W
Brushed 1.3 miles west of FS rd 560, cleared 15-20 trees both sides of PCT xing.
06/03 Kevin Jones 20 Kevin Jones, Michael Schaff, Leroy Ulrey, Cynthia Ulrey
Raked, moved logs and scouted down trees on Brown Mountain trail.
06/03 Brad Kramer 2 Just Brad
Cleared back brush from trail.
05/25 Drew Honzel 1.5 Drew Honzel
Removed encroaching brush on Spence Mt South Ridge trail.
05/25 Grant Weidenbach 20 Jerry Enman, Mark Goodman, Michael Schaaf, Grant Weidenbach
Cleared 15 trees and raked out 1.25 miles either side of FS road 500 crossing.
05/24 Drew Honzel 4 Drew Honzel
Scouted four eagle nest locations on the North Side of Spence.
05/20 Jerry Enman 9.25 Jerry Enman
Cleared blowdown between Hwy. 140 and the edge of the Brown Mountain lava field.
05/19 Kevin Jones 2.5 Kevin Jones
Removed spray pain off rocks and painted over graffiti on table at the Eulalona TH.
05/18 Josh Nelson 6 Josh Nelson , Jill Nelson , Cadence Nelson , Tenaya Nelson
Weed wacked and cut back trees on section from Lynnewood connector back to Double track in Moore Park. Widened base of KVRT where it meets Lynnewood connector and created better drainage.
05/18 Josh Nelson 2 Alicia Jones
I helped the Lopers with their brushwork on scratch. I am loggin my own time, because I don’t think they counted my hours in their group log.
05/18 Peter Brewer 12 Peter Brewer, Jeremy Morris, Jon Redd, Nathan Stroh, Amber Singh, Jacob Scott
Linkville Lopers work party
05/18 Jerry Enman 5 Jerry Enman,
Helped John and Karen Poole cut and remove down trees and limbs from the High Lakes Trail.
05/18 Lillian Schiavo 1.5 Lillian Schiavo
Assisted the Linkville Lopers on their trail party, trimming branches and vegetation. Didn’t see the project listed on the log, but the trail mtc leader was not aware that I arrived, so logging my time.
05/15 Grant Weidenbach 30 Zach Gilmour, Mark Goodman, Vivian Waterman, Margo McCullough, Grant Weidenbach
Worked from ‘upper’ Rd 3705 TH, headed east for 1.1 miles. Machine cut brush the entire distance, lopped branches, raked out tread, cut out ~5 small trees, 2 med-large trees, and short reroute around the butt of a fallen 5 ft. Fir tree.
05/14 Dennis Taugher 21 Ed Beverly, Michael Schaaf, Ron Johnson, Samantha Tipler, Ric Drucker, Nathan Strohe, Dennis Taugher
Widened small connector trail on Buck Ridge rock catch basin trail. This trail is now ready for prime time.
05/12 Mike Chamberland 4.5 Kevin Jones, Mike Chamberland
Clear brush and weeds from Ridgeview between blueberry and gooseberry.
05/11 Grant Weidenbach 15 Kevin Jones, Mark Goodman, Grant Weidenbach
Worked ‘lava flow’ section of BMT from Rd 3705 to the north. Cut brush and cleared ~10 small-med. trees from trail, ~1 mile.
05/08 Grant Weidenbach 18 Dennis Taugher, Drew Honzel, Jerry Enman, Grant Weidenbach
Cleared ~1 mile of trail on Westside (from Rd 3705). Cut about 15 fallen trees out, lots of limbs and needles.
05/07 Mark Goodman 14 Mark Goodman, Peter Brewer, Leroy and Catherine Ulrey
Brush clearing along these two trails.
05/07 Kevin Jones 2 Kevin Jones
Started brushing t-bag from the intersection of Eulaberry. Made it just past the second rock garden.
05/02 Bill Reinhard .5 Bill Reinhard
Hand trimmed brush along the trail.
04/29 Kevin Jones 4.5 Kevin Jones, Peter Brewer
Made the upper berm on Southie, smoothed a big section too.
04/29 Brad Kramer 1.5 Just Brad
Cut back brush from trails
04/28 Bill Reinhard .5 Bill Reinhard
Trimmed back thornbushes along 5-gallon during lunch hour ride. Made it to the Linda’s trail junction.
04/23 Dennis Taugher 7.5 Mark Goodman, Ron Johnson and Dennis Taugher
Continued smoothing tread and building drain dips where needed. Did maybe 600+ feet.
04/23 Kevin Jones 1.5 Kevin Jones
Continued contour work on big sweeper berm on Southie.
04/22 Kevin Jones 1.5 Kevin Jones
Smoothed trail bed and created a berm on South.
04/21 Aaron 9 Aaron, Nick, Mike,
Whiskey town rework
04/20 Bill Reinhard 1 Mike Chamberland, Bill Reinhard,
Cut brush, removed sticks and improved visibility on Buzzard
04/20 Kevin Jones 2.5 Kevin Jones
Smoothing and widening tread slightly in some areas. Replaced choke point features. Created a berm.
04/19 Kevin Jones 2 Kevin Jones
Worked on drainage, made a berm and smoothed out 200ft of rough cut trail bed.
04/17 Dennis Taugher 12 Mark Goodman, Zach Gilmour, Jamie Douglas and Dennis Taugher,
Groomed 200+ feet of trail bed
04/09 Drew Honzel 20 Drew Honzel, Michael Schaaf, Jake Coatney, Harry Hansen, Glen Gailis
Brushed the IMBA Trail and helped Dirt Mechanics with rock work on upper South Ridge Trail.
04/09 Mike Chamberland 36 Phil McGovern, William Kennedy, Kyle TrailSquatch, Kevin Jones, Alicia Jones, Mark Goodman, LillianS Sciavo, Mike Chamberland,
Cleared brush on the park side of Sidewinder and made this trail amazing! That new brushcutter got a workout!
04/07 Aaron 9 Aaron, Mike, Nick,
Whiskeytown rework
04/03 Drew Honzel 14 Drew Honzel, King Burgett
Installed lexan glass cover on kiosk.
04/01 Mark Goodman 17 Mark Goodman, Kevin Jones, Guy, Lisa (2 children
We cleared brush along the most northern portion of powerline and onto the lower part of sidewinder.
03/31 Aaron 13 Nick, Mike, Zach, Aaron,
Lower Whiskeytown rework
03/28 Kevin Jones 5.5 Kevin Jones, Mark Goodman
Mark Goodman ran the brushcutter and Kevin swamped 5 gallon from the intersection of Archery to the two trees that had fell this winter. We cut the two trees up and removed them off the trail. Kevin repaired two soft rakes, pulaski and a hard rake handle.
03/22 Kevin Jones 2 Kevin Jones
Finish work on Southie. Cleaning up turns and smoothing the tread.
03/21 Zach Gilmore 8 Zach Gilmore, Kevin Jones, Jerry Alan
Kevin organized the shed, cut up large down tree on Noname. The crew use the new brushcutter on lower 5 gallon and cut back the brush 3ft on both sides of the tread. Lower 5 gallon is brushed up to the intersection of Archery. The brushcutter worked excellent and is best used with at least two people, one to run the machine and a second to swamp the brush and clean debris from the tread.
03/20 Alicia Jones 4 Lillian Schiavo & Alicia Jones
We cut brush and picked up fallen sticks and shrubbery off these three trails above. We didn’t get far on Sidewinder, because the rain started to fall too heavily. We left before the mud turned sticky.
03/18 Kevin Jones 8 Kevin Jones, Mark Goodman, Mike Chamberland, Mike Moser
Brushed Powerline trail down to the intersection of Sidewinder cut off. We sure could have used a Stihl Brushcutter with a steel blade, prolly could have done twice the work.
03/08 Kevin Jones 13 Kevin Jones, Mark Goodman, Melinda Mcguirre
Installed anchors for tables and garbage can. Raked and seeded scar area at the Eualalona Trailhead.
03/07 Kevin Jones 5 Kevin Jones
Built picnic tables
03/04 Kevin Jones 10 Kevin Jones, Drew Honzel
Scouted eagles nest and proposed route.
02/22 Kevin Jones 7 Kevin Jones
Grading trail bed on Southie.
02/21 Bill Reinhard 4.5 Bill Reinhard
Finish work on the new Southie trail in Moore Park.
02/20 Bill Reinhard 4 Bill Reinhard, Rich Ortiz, Justice Reinhard, Adam Ortiz
Finish work on the Southie Trail in Moore Park.
02/19 Kevin Jones 3 Kevin Jones
graded trail bed. Decommissioned South T-Bar.
02/15 Kevin Jones 2 Kevin Jones
grading the trail bed
02/08 Kevin Jones 5 Kevin Jones
grading trail bed