Winter Trail Planning

The Spence team recently met with the lead designer for Spence Mt (Paul Thomasberg) with the intent of deciding what trail building would be accomplished this year and also to rework the Spence master plan. It was decided that the three trails that would be built in 2019 are Queen of the Lake, Winema, and North Star. So, no changes to previous plans in that department. These trails will up the total mileage at Spence Mountain to about 35 mi and will open lots of new routes and loops for riding, running and hiking.
The Spence master plan was also in need of some changes to account for usability issues and changes in trail building wishes (more true single track and less road to trail conversions). These changes will likely include new trails along the west face of Spence Mountain to allow for a good climbing route to the top from the Shoalwater Bay TH. There are also possible plans for more aggressive trails (like Hooligan Tr) extending directly into the Shoalwater Bay TH from higher on the mountain. A few other changes were also discussed that will take a few more years to see realized.

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