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Proposed Hot Springs Rim Trail on Hold

As of today, the trail above the Hot Springs neighborhood is on hold as there are difficult problems that must be overcome before it can come into being including parking availability and technical difficulties with the construction. The meeting that planned on 3/19 is cancelled for now. This section of trail is not the entirety of the project and trails in the region of the “O” at OIT may still get built. Stay tuned for news.

Hot Springs Rim Trail

Spence Mountain Update

With the soon to start trail building season at Spence Mountain, the fundraiser is officially over and has raised over $34,000 (You can still donate to the Spence Mountain fund if you wish though as donations are always accepted). The emphasis for 2018’s build season is to grow our easy or green trail network to appeal to a wider audience.  This includes walkers, beginner mountain bikers, families and active baby boomers. The 2018 build season is set to start around March 10th and will extend until the end of May. The plan for this year is to build about 10 miles of new trail, most of which will be easy or green difficulty.

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The KTA works with a wide range of public and private groups and landowners to acquire trail right-of-way, build and maintain trails, and promote enjoyment of these natural resources!

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