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Spence Mountain 2019 Trail Building Plans

Next year’s trail building at Spence Mountain is already being planned with an additional 4-8 miles of trails to come. The new trails will include:

1) Queen of the Lake (Black Diamond): This trail starts at the Spence Mountain TH and goes along the shores of Howard Bay north. This trail will be difficult to ride and to build as there are a lot of rocks along this steep stretch of real estate.

2) Winema (Blue Square): This trail will be extended down the mountain toward the lake to meet up with Queen of the Lake, providing another connection from the south side of the ridge to the north side.

3) North Star (Green Circle): An easy trail that will make a loop in the central portion of Spence with the existing Modoc Tr. This trail may or may not be built depending upon how difficult building Queen of the Lake becomes. This trail could also be scratched and replace with something else when the master plan is updated later in the winter or spring. Stay tuned.

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